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Sunday April 24th 2011

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Phoenix Lights | 13 Years On, The UFO Continues to Return

2010 Phoenix Lights - Webcam footage
2010 Phoenix Lights Observation

The March 13, 1997 Phoenix Lights incident, is one of the most famous mass UFO sightings which was observed moving across a distance of more than 300 miles.  The object moved from Arizona, Nevada, and to the edge of Tuscon before hovering over Phoenix where the UFO was filmed by hundreds of witnesses.

Claims have emerged that the lights returned on the 3rd and 5th of November of 2010. Hold onto your hats, because it was once more observed on the 23rd of November 2010!!

23rd November 2010 Incident

This particular incident is quite remarkable.  The news crew covering the story contacted the near-by military base who had no idea what the lights were!  This particular instance was filmed by multiple witnesses who had counted as much as 16 orbs of light at its peak.

3rd & 5th November 2010 Incident

Webcams had been set up to monitor the South Mountains and recorded first a single glowing object, and later a very familiar image – very akin to the Phoenix Lights incident.

The alleged video ‘evidence’ was uploaded into a video sharing platform on the 3rd and 4th of November 2010.

This not the only claim made concerning the return of the Phoenix phenomenon.

February, 2007 Incident

On the 6th of February 2007, a new formation appeared that made headlines on TV network news broadcasts. The US Federal Aviation Administration commented that they felt this sighting to be a case of military flares.  Flares that hover?

Claims have also been made that on the 20th of January 2011 the Phoenix UFO returned.  This later claim again relies on webcam images, however they are strikingly similar to the 3rd of November 2010 incident – so similar that we have to question if the images are in fact duplicates of the November sighting.

News Coverage from the 23rd November 2010

The 3rd of November 2010, Phoenix UFO Sighting

The 5th November 2010, Phoenix Light Webcam footage

The 2007 Phoenix Lights News Footage

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CNN Report | UFO Disclosure Project

UFO Disclosure ProjectCNN have featured a news item on the UFO Disclosure Project.

The UFO Disclosure project Consists of a team of scientists, Air Force & Military personal and former government officials. The group state that they have compiled information from people all over the world with hundreds of video testimonials of eye witness accounts.

More interesting is that the group state they have official government documents that support its case confirming the presence of UFOs.

The UFO Disclosure team state: We are not alone

CNN Video coverage:

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UFO Sightings Expected to Increase Over Australia

Hold onto your hat Australia! Oprah was one thing, but now an Australian company has invented their own UFO-like technology capable of carrying upwards of 150 tonnes.

Sky Lifter, state their ‘vehicles’ have been designed to access locations that otherwise helicopters could not access.

The UFOs are larger than an Airbus A380.

On the company website, Sky Lifter shared the following design graphic:

Australia set to see more UFO sightings
Sky Lifter: Design illustration

For more information visit the company website at:

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UFO Sightings | 8 Adults observe UFO in Kingaroy, Australia

Lenticular cloud
Image via Wikipedia
On the 05th February 2011 a group of 8 adults observed UFOs in the clouds above the Queensland country town of Kingaroy between 8:30pm and 9:30pm.

The witness shared reports from others in the region who claim to have heard 2 loud bangs prior to the lights appearing which caused half of the town to lose power for a short period of time.

The following description of the event was supplied:
  • We saw flashing lights over the clouds; sort of like lighting yet totally different; no clours soft light ;
  • Someone else in the distance, shone a spot light at them a few times and this was easy to identify as a spotlight because it was an entirely different type of light altogether.
  • It happened about 8.30 through to about 9.30 pm;
  • No one had their camera on them; However by the time the shock / fright left them, <name withheld>went and got her camera and took some photos. I haven`t seem them (the photos) yet.
  • Apparently there were reports of two loud bangs before the lights appeared, and half of Kingaroy lost power for a bit
  • There were 7 other adults who watched with us last night ;
  • I have never personaly seen anything like this.  It was totally hidden within the cloud. It was very cool to see
  • Most of the others were afraid / scared; I felt no feeling of threat with this, Yet was something very important to see

We would like to hear from others within this region that may have also observed the strange phenomenon. Share your observations using the comments form below

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UFO Video Released from Brazilian Military UFO Archive

UFO Film from Brazil Military Archives
UFO Film from Brazil Military Archives

Today we came across video footage showing a highly sophisticated flying object over a populated city in Brazil.

The film was uploaded onto YouTube today and is described as “Secret UFO Video Released in Brazil”.

The film was uploaded by Youtube member ‘benhurfx’, who supplied the following statement:

“UFO tape released from Brazilian Military archive”

The footage:

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Aliens: Peaceful Scientists or Military Power?

Image of the top layers of the earth's atmosph...
Aliens: Peaceful Scientists or Military Power?

All around the world there are many reported sightings of UFOs and even more remarkable experiences concerning encounters with extraterrestrial beings. One of the most important questions would have to be whether or not the visitors present a threat to global security?

In this article I am expressing my personal belief based on my own research over the past 15+ years.

It is my belief, that if aliens were a threat to modern man, that an attack would have happened many years ago. There is ample evidence to suggest that the visitors could very well be peaceful scientists, rather than a military power moving in to control / enslave mankind.

  • There is plenty of video footage of UFO saucers moving in to deactivate nuclear warheads in mid-flight.
  • They are seen to be observing from a distance, rather then directly interacting with the affairs of human society
  • They have been observed hovering above bodies of water, volcano’s, forests and other natural environments
  • When pursued by military aircraft, all observers report that these visitors will rapidly speed away peacefully to avoid conflict
  • The UFOs have been observed hovering over nuclear research facilities, and weapons bases within the USA and many other countries around the world.

Could they be peaceful scientists, as care-takers from another world who are studying and analyzing our natural environment?

My own experiences:

Growing up in country Australia, I would spend many nights outside by the campfire with family, while spotting shooting stars.  I remember a number of significant events where brilliant balls of light would dart across the horizon in our direction in total silence until they were the size of a basketball, and then moments later quite often we would see a military jet or two come screaming across the valley in pursuit of this brilliant light.  Always the light would zoom off at unimaginable speeds.

I remember many daytime sightings of silvery objects hovering at a great altitude that would be in the same spot for days at a time.  The year would have been 1992, in the Queensland city of Mackay where these repeated sightings were at their most active.  I would come to expect to see the objects; however some days they just weren’t there or it was too cloudy to spot them.  My curiosity only grew stronger so I started to organize for others to come look at the sky where I would ask if they saw anything unusual.  Every time they would spot the silvery objects, which could be seen repeatedly for days after an initial sighting.

All my experiences, and the experiences of colleagues, friends, family members and complete strangers alike, all have one thing in common:  That the craft seemingly observe from a distance and when pursued by modern aircraft, would swiftly dart away.

What would be the impact of our governments weaponizing space? I know one thing for certain:  If I was that alien scientist approaching planet Earth and observed dangerous weapons, I would immediately assume a defensive position and would consider that the society is less evolved, very fearful and potentially set on domination and war.  I would keep my distance, yet would observe to ensure the safety of the planet, while also ensuring that my presence does not affect the evolution of the civilization.  I would assess their technological advances and understand their weapons systems.  I would also assess their natural environment from a bio-health perspective, while identifying diseases and the genetic construct of the intelligent inhabitants.  I would look for core traces within the DNA to understand the origin of species and look for evidence of contact with other worlds.  Once these key considerations are in place, I would then assess to determine the benefit of establishing contact with the global governments.  Contact would only take place to address concerns for the welfare of the greater good.  Unfounded contact (contact without purpose) would only serve to affect the evolution of that society as my very presence would challenge the social construct, not to mention the impact on spirituality, religion and philosophy.

What is your opinion?

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Turkey | Alien’s Filmed in UFO Sighting

Alien Filmed on UFO
Alien Filmed on UFO

This story is quite remarkable and is based in Turkey.  Over a number of years this UFO had repeatedly visited the region, however with the most recent encounter, the object was filmed.  But to everyone’s astonishment, the vehicle featured what appears to be a viewing platform and within this area you can see multiple extraterrestrial beings.

The Video Evidence has been analysed and deemed authentic.  What do you think?

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Condon Report | Official US Government Report on UFOs

Gemini 7 in orbit in 1965. The Shuguang spacec...
Image via Wikipedia

In 1966, the United States Air Force requested the University of Colorado to commence a study of unidentified flying objects (UFO’s).  The Air Force funded study was informally named ‘The Condon Commitee’ and was directed by the Universities Professor of Physics, Mr Edward Condon.

Condon was a leading Nuclear Physicist who participated in the development of radar and nuclear weapons during World War Two.  The Professor played a pioneering role in the field of Quantum Mechanics, and in 1943 joined the ‘Manhattan Project’ – a secret project to develop the first atomic bomb.

Interestingly,  Condon had prior involvement with an Air Force UFO study known as Project Blue Book.  This earlier study was commissioned in 1952 to determine 1) if UFO’s were a threat to National Security; and 2) Scientifically analyze UFO related data.  Over the life of the project, thousands of UFO reports were collected, analyzed and filed.

The Condon Committee was commissioned to examine many hundreds of reports from Project Blue Book, but also from civilian UFO groups NICAP and APRO.  The purpose of the study is to determine whether “analysis of new sightings may provide some additions to scientific knowledge of value to the Air Force” and “to learn from UFO reports anything that could be considered as adding to scientific knowledge“.

The study was published in 1968 titled ‘Scientific study of Unidentified Flying Objects‘; however is widely referred to today as ‘The Condon Report’.

Of particular interest we came across reported sightings made by Gemini 4 astronaut McDivitt and Gemini 7 astronaut Borman.  The report concluded that the 3 incidents filed by the 2 astronauts “have not been adequately explained” (Condon Report Page 306).

  1. Gemini 4 mission, astronaut McDivitt:  observation of a cyclindrical object with a protuberance
  2. Gemini 4 mission, astronaut McDivitt:  observation of a moving bright light at a higher level than the Gemini spacecraft
  3. Gemini 7 mission, astronaut Borman:  observation of what he referred to as a “bogey” flying in formation with the spacecraft.

While the report does not conclusively refer to the objects as Alien vehicles, the transcript from the Gemini 7 mission raises the need for further investigation:

  • Spacecraft: Gemini 7 here, Houston how do you read?
  • Capcom: Loud and clear. 7, go ahead.
  • Spacecraft: Bogey at 10 o’clock high.
  • Capcom: This is Houston. Say again 7.
  • Spacecraft: Said we have a bogey at 10 o’clock high.
  • Capcom: Roger. Gemini 7., is that the booster or is that an actual sighting’?
  • Spacecraft: We have several, looks like debris up here. Actual sighting.
  • Capcom: You have any more information? Estimate distance or size?
  • Spacecraft: We also have the booster in sight.
  • Capcom: Understand you also have the booster in sight, Roger.
  • Spacecraft: Yea, we have a very, very many — look like hundreds of little particles banked on the left out about 3 to 7 miles.
  • Capcom: Understand you have many small particles going by on the left. At what distance?
  • Spacecraft: Oh about — it looks like a path of the vehicle at 90 degrees.
  • Capcom: Roger, understand that they are about 3 to 4 miles away.
  • Spacecraft: They are passed now they are in polar orbit.
  • Capcom: Roger, understand they were about 3 or 4 miles away.
  • Spacecraft: That’s what it appeared like. That’s roger.
  • Capcom: Were these particles in addition to the booster and the bogey at 10 o’clock high?
  • Spacecraft: Roger — Spacecraft (Lovell) I have the booster on my side, it’s a brilliant body in the sun, against a black background with trillions of particles on it.
  • Capcom: Roger. What direction is it from you?
  • Spacecraft: It’s about at my 2 o’clock position. (Lovell)
  • Capcom: Does that mean that it’s ahead of you?
  • Spacecraft: It’s ahead of us at 2 o’clock, slowly tumbling.

The complete Condon report is available online at

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News Headlines

National Security Agency Releases UFO X-files

National Security Agency Releases UFO X-files

In another bold leap towards full disclosure, the NSA has released to the public domain formerly classified UFO [Read More]

Australian Man Films Live Alien – April 2011

Australian Man Films Live Alien – April 2011

Two Australian men have had quick a remarkable experience on the 15th April 2011, In Australia. For the past 8 months [Read More]

UFO Sighting in Sydney, Australia

UFO Sighting in Sydney, Australia

Laszlo is a 66 year old man who has been keeping his eyes and video camera observing the skies above Sydney, Australia. [Read More]

Alien Body Filmed in Russia?

Alien Body Filmed in Russia?

Could this be the next viral UFO videos for 2011? Locals, in the Russian district of Kabanskiy, have filmed an alien [Read More]

FBI Vault | Extrasensory Perception

FBI Vault | Extrasensory Perception

‘The Vault’ is an ‘electronic reading room’ publicly available on the website operated by the [Read More]

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