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Sunday April 24th 2011

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Jerusalem UFO | Stabilized Enlargement of 4th UFO Video

A view of Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood. In the b...
Jerusalem Image via Wikipedia

YouTube member ‘GrumpSkull’ has uploaded a new analysis of the 4th Jerusalem UFO incident.

This particular version of the incident, is considered to be genuine by many UFO researchers.

GrumpSkull has inserted a close-up of the hovering object in a viewing pane, and also shows slowed down the footage of the objects rapid departure.

This particular video is not a still image like some of the hoax editions.  You can observe blinking lights, movement and cars in the streets.

Do you believe the Jerusalem UFO incident was genuine?

Jerusalem UFO | Who attacked the UFO?

Stairway to Al-Aqsa / Αλ Ακσά

A new video analysis has surfaced concerning the famous Jerusalem UFO.

Many hoax editions of the video have surfaced which many UFO researches claim represent part of a disinformation campaign.  It is suggested the ‘false’ videos are part of a cover-up campaign to discredit the original footage.  Unfortunately much of mainstream media has featured the wrong videos.

New footage has surfaced that analyses the original Jerusalem UFO incident.  What is striking is that it appears the UFO orb over the temple of the mount, was ‘fired at’ by a weapon from the left of screen.  It appears someone has attempted to shoot down the UFO orb.

It seems like risky business to me!  Why would we attack a civilization clearly far more technologically advanced than ourselves?  It sums up the problems of our modern word – shoot first and ask questions later!

The new analysis showing the flash from the left:

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UFO Sightings | Pyramid UFO Over Russian Religious Site

Onion domes of Cathedral of the Annunciation, ...
On the 12th October 2009, Russian civilians film a large pyramid-like UFO circling the Kerlin in Moscow.

The object is estimated at approximately a mile wide.

The film was uploaded into a video sharing website and quickly became viral.  Many attempts have been made to replicate the sighting however none have come close to what we are about to show you.

Are the UFO visitors galactic tourists inspecting world religious sites? More recently, the Jerusalem incident above the Temple of the Mount has caught world attention.

Is this a Real UFO Video or a clever Hoax?  You decide:

New York Post Coverage of the Story:

Another Video including snap-shots of world media coverage:

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Jan 2011: Black Triangle UFO Crosses Moon Surface

Full Moon view from earth In Belgium (Hamois).
Image via Wikipedia

On the 19th of January 2011, a black triangle UFO was filmed crossing the surface of the moon.

The author of the video footage released the following comments:

After reviewing some film of the moon i took a while back i found this !!! I didn’t see this at the time, well its 6 seconds and you have to blink sometime. I’m flabbergasted; I’ve repeated it 3 times together once real speed, then zoomed in using sony vegas, then slow motion almost frame by frame.

I used the following equipment:
Celestron Neximage Camera, meade lx200 10 inch scope

Known only as Paranorma1palace, the witness uploaded the footage into YouTube.

Remarkably the object is seen moving into the image from left and casts a shadow on the lunar surface.

Many UFO Researchers have suggested that this object is secret experimental space vehicles operated by the United States Space program.

The original footage can be viewed here:

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