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Thursday February 24th 2011

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Caspian Sea Spiral UFO Sighting

Caspian Sea Spiral UFO, 2011
Caspian Sea Spiral UFO, 2011

Caspian Seas: On the early hours of January 28, 2011, yet another spiral like display was witnessed and filmed by a civilian. This is not the first Spiral filmed over recent years. Similar objects have been observed in Norway, Australia, China and Russia.

The witness of this latest siting included the following statement with the video on YouTube:

All of this footage was captured in the early morning hours on January 28, 2011 east of the Caspian Sea. To me the object seems to shift from comet like to blob like, or it could be more then one object.

The Caspian Sea Spiral:

The footage is similar to earlier sightings:

Australian Spiral Sighting, June 2010

Norway Spiral Sighting, December, 2009

Russian Spiral Sighting, 2006

Chinese Spiral Sighting, 2009

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Australian Spiral UFO: Was it A Warning for the Pending Monster Cyclone?

Australian Spiral UFO
Australian Spiral UFO

Late 2010, all along the east coast of Australia wide-spread witnesses observed a spiral light display in the early hours of the morning. The event was almost identical to similar sightings in Norway, China and Russia.

Was this a warning provided to us by the UFOs?

Since this event, East Queensland has suffered from traumatic flooding and this week is threatened by one of the biggest and most powerful cyclones in recent history.

Cyclone Yasi is approx 500kms wide, is a category 4, yet expected to strengthen to a category 5 system.

This cyclone is considered life threatening and many residents between Cairns and Mackay have been evacuated from low lying areas up to 2mtrs above sea level.

Are the UFO visitors warning us of pending natural disasters?

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It's a flash of light before the UFO flashes but it doesn't mean someone shot at it. It might be the light from the UFO Read the post

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