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Wednesday May 4th 2011

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Mars UFO Sightings | Russian Scientists Confirm Alien Presence

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On the 1st of March 1989, Russian space probe ‘Phobos 2‘ captured mysterious UFO photos that made world headlines that is widely discussed today among UFO researchers.

Using both Optical and infra-red imaging, Phobo’s 2 photographed a grid-like formation on the Martian surface from an altitude of 6,000 km.  Scientists suggested the area was approximately 4km’s wide and remain unclear as to what the area could be.

More mysteriously, a large cigar-shaped shadow was filmed and when a range of photo’s were compared, the Russian Scientists discovered that the cigar-like-object was above the surface of mars and was in fact moving.

Later on the 31st March 1989, Phobos 2 was approached by an ‘object’ that Russian scientists claim “should not be there”.

Phobos 2  captured an image of a large cigar shaped object in orbit around Mars and was estimated to be approx.20km in length, and 1.5km in diameter.  UFO researchers have come to know this incredible object as the Mars Cigar Mother-ship.  It was shortly after this image, that Phobos 2 made headlines again when the Russian Government announced that Phobos 2 had disappeared.

The following video covers the story:

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