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Wednesday February 23rd 2011

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UFO Sightings | 8 Adults observe UFO in Kingaroy, Australia

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On the 05th February 2011 a group of 8 adults observed UFOs in the clouds above the Queensland country town of Kingaroy between 8:30pm and 9:30pm.

The witness shared reports from others in the region who claim to have heard 2 loud bangs prior to the lights appearing which caused half of the town to lose power for a short period of time.

The following description of the event was supplied:
  • We saw flashing lights over the clouds; sort of like lighting yet totally different; no clours soft light ;
  • Someone else in the distance, shone a spot light at them a few times and this was easy to identify as a spotlight because it was an entirely different type of light altogether.
  • It happened about 8.30 through to about 9.30 pm;
  • No one had their camera on them; However by the time the shock / fright left them, <name withheld>went and got her camera and took some photos. I haven`t seem them (the photos) yet.
  • Apparently there were reports of two loud bangs before the lights appeared, and half of Kingaroy lost power for a bit
  • There were 7 other adults who watched with us last night ;
  • I have never personaly seen anything like this.  It was totally hidden within the cloud. It was very cool to see
  • Most of the others were afraid / scared; I felt no feeling of threat with this, Yet was something very important to see

We would like to hear from others within this region that may have also observed the strange phenomenon. Share your observations using the comments form below

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