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Sunday April 24th 2011

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Jerusalem UFO | Critical Analysis of UFO Video 1

Further into our discussion of the Jerusalem UFO incident of 2011, we have presented some of the more convincing evidence that suggests the encounter was a fabrication or otherwise a hoax.

The wider UFO community is divided by statements issued by MUFON Chief Video Analyst Mr Marc Dantonio, who stated that in his expert opinion believed the incident to be a hoax – including Videos 1 & 2.   Mr Dantonio is set to release a comprehensive report on the MUFON website in the near future.

So lets take a critical look at each of the 6 videos and highlight some the key traits that many state suggest the incident was indeed fabricated.

Video One by Eligael

The following graphics are captured from the 1st Jerusalem UFO Video as uploaded by Eligael.

Video 1 as uploaded by Eligael
Image 1.1 - This image is captured from Video One of the Jerusalem UFO Incident as uploaded by Eligael. To the untrained eye this looks pretty normal - or does it?
Image showing Mirrored edge from the 1st Jerusalem UFO Video
Image 1.2 - At the edge of frame we notice the image starting to mirror as Eligael moves the camera around the scene.
The UFO hovering over the Temple of the Mount
Image 1.3 - Notice the pixel distortions around the edge of the orb of light as it hovers above the Temple of the Mount. This is at 400x zoom. Graphic experts will often look for these tell-tale signs as evidence the object was inserted into the scene. Others suggest this is a bi-product of resolution on YouTube. The original footage would need to be assessed for a conclusive statement to be formulated.
Pixel Anomalies on the 1st Jerusalem UFO Video
Image 1.4 - On the 1st Jerusalem UFO Video the object swiftly darts into the darkened sky where we observe red lights flickering in the sky. If you look at the location 1minute 37 seconds on the video you can see obvious pixel anomalies. There is an unusual angled line as identified by the red arrows and similar artefacts at the location of the red blinking lights.

Interestingly, a well known UFO hoaxer has also debunked the original UFO videos as uploaded by Eligael.  Known only as HOAXKiller1, the individual provided the following statement:

My THEORY is that the background is fake… or something was edited in the video.  No amount of video compression could change the geometry as you see here.  To draw the line on the wall I didn’t only use the edge of the wall to detect where the line should go. I also used the lines in the bricks just below the line, and the tree.  Something fishy is up with this video… and this is NOT the only issue.  The lighting is completely fake as well, but that is another topic.  This time I motion tracked the horizon so that it stays in one spot. Notice how the angle of the edge of the wall changes, but the angle of the horizon stays the same, THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE. Unless he is on a boat, or is in a super large Earthquake, the angle of the horizon and the edge of the wall should remain locked together. Because they don’t, this means the entire horizon is fake. The UFO video is a HOAX.

The Following presents the motion tracked Video produced by HOAXKiller1:

Stay tuned as next as we move our discussion into the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Jerusalem UFO Videos. Now every story has 2 sides, so as part of this venture we will also present the arguments that support the incident as genuine. You are encouraged to actively participate and put forward your own contributions.

MUFON Expert Dismisses Jerusalem UFO as a Hoax

Close-up of the Jerusalem UFO
Close-up of the Jerusalem UFO

The Jerusalem UFO incident continues to create a stir with  new viral videos that seem to launch on an almost daily basis.  One such video, now referred too as the 6th Jerusalem UFO video, features up-close footage with unparalleled clarity – the holy grail of UFO videos – Or does it?

Further into our investigation of this particular case, we asked MUFON’s chief Photo & Video Analyst, Mr Marc Dantonio to view the videos and comment on their authenticity.

Mr Dantonio commented that after analysing the 6th Jerusalem UFO Video that he “felt very strongly that it is, in his opinion, a CG hoax”.   He described the video as ‘computer generated’ and therefore serves as the primary determination to this particular video’s veracity.

Marc Dantonio of MUFON stated “I firmly believe that the UFO was not real“.

According to MUFON’s chief video analyst when individuals create a hoax to pass off as a real incident, they tend to leave behind tell-tale signs which Mr Dantonio summarised as 3 key traits:

  1. They will use Lens Flare with bright lights
  2. Make the focus look like its going in and out
  3. Pass the object behind another object to reinforce the authenticity

Mr Dantoino further felt that the ‘creator’ of the video fabricated a tree in the foreground to pass the UFO behind, while also experimenting with Lens flare and depth of field.  He said ‘throwing in a sparse tree through which the UFO flies is a classic trick to add some reality’.

Marc also shared with UFO Briefcase details of a production for National Geographic, where a UFO animates across the sky before disappearing through the bush, and can be seen flying behind the trees in the distance.  When comparing the Jerusalem UFO footage (6th), Marc considered it an amateur attempt given the elementary masking work was easy to identify.

When comparing the 6th video with the original 2 videos by Eligael, Mr Dantoino commented that in the original clip the UFO comes down and hovers, where we soon observe the ‘energy burst’ prior to the object darting straight up at rapid speed. With this latest video (the 6th), the UFO came down and actually moved toward the video camera, then off to the right.  Mr Dantoino stated that this is not consistent with the original footage.

Given the intensity of the bright light, Mr Dantoino stated that the clarity achieved with this 6th footage would not at all be possible.  He felt the special effects (lens flare and depth of field) were most likely created using a software program like Adobe After Effects.

The 6th Jerusalem UFO Video was widely considered ‘too good to be true’ including the original witness, Eligael, who stated even he was unsure of the authenticity of the video.

Some of the not so obvious ‘hoax tell-tale signs’ according to Mr Dantoino, include background noises.  An area identified included the muting of the individuals voice.  Marc referred specifically too the sound of the individual speaking during the footage and explained that in his expert opinion, the individual is ‘inside a building’ because the the voice was muted by floor, walls and a ceiling.   He further explained that while intently listening, he was able to identify another noise that suggests the sound was not recorded outside, but more likely in front of a PC. Specifically the sound of the computers cooling fan was detected.

When commenting on the entire set of Jerusalem UFO videos, Marc stated ‘for many reasons beyond what I have so far shared, this video and the other Jerusalem UFO Videos are in my opinion hoaxes‘.

He said “the two original videos of the event (Video 1 & 2), are both very different from each other and each gives away the hoax by comparison to the other”.

Finally Mr Dantoino stated that “if the Jerusalem event occurred, we would have lots of other witnesses in the city who would have come forward saying so.. Where are they?”.

When asked about the expense associated with such a ‘hoaxed production’, Marc declared ‘gone are the days of having to purchase large expensive suites of software to create the special effects like this video’.  He explained anyone with a student ID can now purchase all the software required for only a few hundred dollars. Even young kids are easily creating YouTube videos with animated UFOs, Robots, cars, and planes for example.  He said “this is why our job at MUFON is so hard, because now these types of resources are available to anyone to do with minimal effort”, such as the 6th Jerusalem UFO video.

Marc will detail his assessment in the near future on the MUFON website.

Jerusalem UFO | Crop Circle Connection

The 6th Video of the Jerusalem UFO incident of 2011 has revealed a deeper mystery that connects this now famous case to an even more famous crop circle formation from 1991.

This new video observes a UFO vehicle of unknown origin hovering above the Temple of the Mount in Jerusalem, Israel. The unknown witness zooms in on the underside of the object revealing a distinct geometric formation.

The geometric symbol is an exact match to the crop circle formation near Barbury Castle, England that first appeared on the 16th of July 1991 (pictured Below).

Barbury Castle Crop Circle, England, 1991
The Barbury Castle Crop Circle formation that appeared on 16th July 1991

The following graphic is a screen captured from the video uploaded by key witness Eligael.

Geometric Symbols under Jerusalem UFO
Obvious Geometric Symbols on the Jerusalem UFO

The following images present each of the key symbols on the underside of the UFO featured in the video:

3 Symbols Under the Jerusalem UFO
The 3 Geometric Symbols Under the Jerusalem UFO

Many believed that the 1991 crop circle was a direct message to mankind that could be scientifically decoded. The most famous decoding performed for the Barbury Castle ‘crop circle’ was by a a Gerald Vano who is a retired electronics engineer. Mr Vano included the following statement with his interpretation of the crop circle message:

Many people believe that aliens are communicating with us today in many different ways, but it seems there is just no real meat that we can sink our teeth into to prove it. What follows will prove to be undeniable evidence of this and can be understood by any reasonable thinking person. Well the truth is that there is a message encoded in its design. I believe you will agree with what follows:

Gerald Vano included the following illustrations of which are referenced in his translation which has been provided below the graphic:

Gerald Vano's Illustrations
Gerald Vano's Illustrations

In figure 12 is a diagram of the crop circle. You see in the center of the crop circle a triangle with three struts going from each corner to the center of the triangle. The struts are indicating that this shape is really a three dimensional tetrahedron. Notice how the three concentric circles are superimposed on the tetrahedron. These three circles are indicating a spherical shape. The combination of the sphere and the tetrahedron superimposed on to each other produces a very unusual shape. You can see a rendition of this shape on the bottom of figure 13. To find the reason for this combination, we have to look at the small circle at the top of the diagram. It is obvious that the reason the rod going from the center to the edge of the circle is that they are trying to get our attention to the radius of a circle. What are they trying to tell us about this unusual combination of a tetrahedron and a sphere that has to do with a radius? It has to do with volume. The relationship of the volume of a tetrahedron to the volume of a sphere in a mathematical formula requires the unique parameter of the radius of the sphere. They are trying to tell us to notice the size relationship between the two shapes. In measuring the size relationship of the two shapes in the diagram, I found that the volume of the two shapes were equal. What is the uniqueness of a tetrahedron and a sphere for the aliens to show them? The teachings of sacred geometry tell us that a tetrahedron is a basic 3 dimensional shape and is spiritually in tune with male energy because it is made up of all straight lines. It also indicates time, in that straight lines symbolize linear time. The sphere is spiritually in tune with female energy because it is all curves. It also symbolizes eternity. The aliens are indicating to us, with the unique combination of shapes in the center of the crop circle, something to do with an energy balance of opposites and also something to do with time and eternity. Notice at the bottom in figure 13 when a tetrahedron and a sphere of equal volume were superimposed on each other, how they resemble what is shown in the crop circle diagram. When building the Pyramids, the builders had to know how to square a circle or cube a sphere. This means the circumference of a circle equaled the perimeter of the square. The math to do this involves the number pi. Somehow, the same conditions apply here with these two shapes. If the assumptions I am making about a balancing are correct, then as we proceed, the rest of the decoding will fall into place and show this.

On the bottom left side in the diagram of figure 12, we see a shape that looked to me like a fibonacci spiral with a strange ratchet affect in it. The famous Fibonacci spiral is the top drawing shown in figure 13. Leonardo Fibonacci, a medieval mathematician, noticed a particular order or sequence that plant life utilized to grow, and he discovered that this order kept coming up everywhere. The sequence is 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34 and so on. This sequence generates a spiral like the one shown. The reason this spiral keeps coming up everywhere originates in the golden mean spiral, which goes in and out forever and has no beginning or end. Life doesn’t know how to deal with something that has no beginning because there is nowhere to start, so the Fibonacci sequence is life’s solution to the problem.

Through a process of unusually strange events, which I will not go into here, I was led to superimpose the ratcheted Fibonacci spiral in the center of a zodiac chart. You see this in figure 14. In doing this, I noticed that the ratchets lined up with the four cardinal signs of the zodiac. Then, it all seemed to come together in my mind. What the aliens are trying to tell us is that there is to come a crossing over to a new age, and that every six thousand years there is a disastrous correction in nature that will bring us into this new age. It was said before that the Fibonacci spiral couldn’t follow the golden mean spiral. The golden mean spiral has to do with the spiritual plain, and the Fibonacci spiral has to do with the physical plain. Notice in the drawing of figure 14 the darker spiral in the center of the chart. This symbolizes the golden mean spiral. Also notice the lighter ratcheted spiral superimposed on it. This is the Fibonacci spiral, which symbolizes the physical plane. Notice how the lighter spiral advances off away from the darker one. This is because the physical spiral cannot follow the spiritual spiral, and this ratchet or jump back in line with the golden mean spiral is a correcting move or jump that happens every six thousand years to bring the system back into balance. If this is true, then there had to be a correction six thousand years ago and twelve thousand years ago, also. According to the bible, the biblical flood happened six thousand years ago, and scientists say there is evidence that the world shifted on its axis twelve thousand years ago also. It is believed this is when Atlantis sank.

The combination of the tetrahedron and the sphere showed us to look for a balance a balance between opposite forces. We see that the ratchet effect in the Fibonacci spiral is to bring a balance back into our system between the spiritual and the physical forces. On the bottom right, there is one more symbol to decode. You see in this small circle a sort of pinwheel effect. It should be fairly obvious, after looking at figure 15, that what they are telling us here is to look at the Galaxy because during the correcting Jump, the earth will shift on its polar axis at that moment of precessonal balance, earth will change directions in its polar wobble motion relative to the Galactic center. At that moment of change, we will enter into an eternal moment when time stops. At that moment, earth will enter the Galactic Age. We are now living in the Age of the Sun. The Egyptians symbol for the Age of the Sun was a square superimposed on a circle. Today, our symbol for the Age of the Galaxy is the tetrahedron superimposed on a sphere.

Gerald Vano website with the complete translation:

Note:  The crop circle connection was first identified by an Administrator of the Jerusalem UFO Group on facebook, Mr Alan Clark.

Jerusalem UFO | Full Length Close-up of 6th Video

Close-up of the Jerusalem UFO
Close-up of the Jerusalem UFO

Less than an hour ago, Eligael has released the full length of the close-up footage of the Jerusalem UFO encounter of January 2011.

Much like many critics, Eligael is unsure of the authenticity. The latest video was supplied too Eligael and is not a video taken by eligael. When it was released, Eligael stated clearly that even he is unsure of the authenticity of this particular video.

If it is a fake, then enormous resources went into creating the footage. Why would someone go to so much expense? Whether it is real or fake, this video needs to be researched and understood.

When the video was released Eligael included the following statement:

Here is the rough footage of the Jerusalem Ufo above Dome of the Rock untouched. I am not sure about it’s authenticity. Judge for yourself.

The source of this mystery footage remains unknown, however many have speculated that the footage is connected to an investigation conducted by Eligael who came across a new witness that is terrified to come forward.

An initial assessment estimates the object to be approximately 18 to 20 feet in diameter. UFO Briefcase has asked Expert Video Analyst at MUFON to comment.

The latest video to emerge from Jerusalem:

Jerusalem UFO | Amazing 6th UFO Video Emerges

Jerusalem UFO Evidence
Jerusalem UFO Evidence
At long last, the video footage we have all be praying for has emerged in the famous 2011 Jerusalem UFO incident.

Key Witness, Eligael Gedalyovich began investigating the incident trying to locate further witnesses to verify his sighting.

During these investigations he was approached by a stranger who advised his flatmate had seen something outside his apartment window and was scared to talk about it. Eligael supplied a contact phone number and only 3 hours ago Eligael has released video footage of the UFO up close.

Should the video prove to be authentic, we would then have undeniable evidence and confirmation that ‘We are not alone in this universe‘.

Eligael Released the following statement:

“This is a 3 seconds video of the Jerusalem ufo , filmed from the Western wall area. The original video is around 2 min long, Amazing footage!!! I can’t give any further details about this video. I wish that soon I’ll have the whole video that will blow our minds.”

The video footage that will also become viral:

Jerusalem UFO | 5th UFO Video Emerges

New Video Evidence of the Jerusalem UFO
New Video Evidence of the Jerusalem UFO taken at 1:00am from a hotel.
A new Jerusalem UFO video has emerged that once again appears to be rather genuine.

As the UFO flashes a brilliant white light you can see this same light reflect on the windows of the buildings to the right of screen.

The member that has uploaded the video with the following non-english statement:

في الصباح — فندق في القدس : شرم بوراك ثم يعود إلى المتنزه

Our english translation came up with: “01:00 in the morning – a hotel in Jerusalem”

The latest video evidence to surface:

Jerusalem UFO | Investigation Uncovers New Witness

Jerusalem UFO Incident Investigation
Jerusalem UFO Incident Investigation
The Jerusalem UFO incident has quickly become regarded one of the most famous UFO incidents of 2011. Many attempts have been made to flag the footage as hoax, however a greater portion of the world are in support of the authenticity of the event.

The original sighting was filmed by an individual known as Eligael, who now continues his mission to prove the event and find other witnesses.

He has returned to the Temple of the Mount and has interviewed numerous members of the public. Today he released the following view with this statement:

Last week I filmed with a photographer in the Western wall looking for new evidences about the Jerusalem Ufo. After the police and the religious authority didn’t allow us to shoot and took us out from the area, I was lucky to find some lead to a new important evidence.

Eligael claims to have been approached by an orthodox man who claims his friend observed the object up close and was afraid to speak about what he had observed. This mystery individual, took down the contact details of Eligael and said would organize for the other witness to contact him to describe what he saw.

The video footage:

Jerusalem UFO | Eligael Returns to Ground Zero

The Dome of the Rock - Jerusalem
Image by betta design via Flickr

The Jerusalem UFO incident of 2011 has been largely met with criticism and doubt, given no witness has come forward. On the 19th of February, we covered an article where the key witness known as Eligael Gedalyovich, had indeed come forward. Our opinion is that he is a genuine individual – his story has credibility and real substance.

It is important that the UFO community not judge Eligael for having chosen Michael Cohen of All News Web to break the story. While Michael’s credibility is under constant scrutiny, we must ensure that this does not translate into what could very well be one of the most remarkable UFO observations of modern times.

Eligael has chosen to respond to requests from the wider community to return to the original site and film the area so that it can be compared to the original genuine footage. This is largely due to the many ‘recreations’ which have used still images while also positioning themselves with claims they are the original video. This has confused UFO researches, the general public and largely mainstream media.

The first video is where Eligael filmed the event. The 2nd Video is where his friend (anonymous) filmed the same event. The 3rd video relates to the area immediately below where the UFO is seen hovering above the ancient city.

The First Video returning to the original scene

The 2nd video where the anonymous witness filmed the event

The 3rd video is Ground Zero – directly below the area where the UFO hovered

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Jerusalem UFO | Key Witness Comes Forward

Jerusalem UFO described as beyond religious or political conflict
Jerusalem UFO described as beyond religious or political conflict

Almost a month after the initial Jerusalem UFO Story, an individual has come forward claiming to be the witness that filmed the now famous Jerusalem UFO incident.

All around the world headlines broke concerning the incredible footage of an unidentified flying object hovering over the Temple of the Mount in Jerusalem, Israel.  Following the initial release, hoaxes began flooding YouTube with their own ‘faked’ editions which is now considered potentially the smoke screen behind a larger disinformation campaign.

The story has been criticized on the basis the witness did not want to be identified.  Some even said, that no such witness exists.  Sometimes the truth is hard to swallow, especially when it challenges your very worldview.

The video has poor quality of sound, however the individual appears rather over-whelmed by the attention his video footage has received.

He made the following statements:

Since I uploaded the video I have received many comments and replies.  I am sorry that I cannot answer all of them. Following the incident I did not know how to react and could not sleep.  I believe this is something beyond religious or political conflict.

I would describe the key witness as very humble and genuine. He appears to be in a state of shock and struggling to digest his experiences.  He did state that he would investigate the area and upload further videos and will ask for the other witnesses to come forward also.

Jerusalem UFO | Stabilized Enlargement of 4th UFO Video

A view of Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood. In the b...
Jerusalem Image via Wikipedia

YouTube member ‘GrumpSkull’ has uploaded a new analysis of the 4th Jerusalem UFO incident.

This particular version of the incident, is considered to be genuine by many UFO researchers.

GrumpSkull has inserted a close-up of the hovering object in a viewing pane, and also shows slowed down the footage of the objects rapid departure.

This particular video is not a still image like some of the hoax editions.  You can observe blinking lights, movement and cars in the streets.

Do you believe the Jerusalem UFO incident was genuine?

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