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Wednesday April 20th 2011

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Jerusalem UFO | Investigation Uncovers New Witness

Jerusalem UFO Incident Investigation
Jerusalem UFO Incident Investigation
The Jerusalem UFO incident has quickly become regarded one of the most famous UFO incidents of 2011. Many attempts have been made to flag the footage as hoax, however a greater portion of the world are in support of the authenticity of the event.

The original sighting was filmed by an individual known as Eligael, who now continues his mission to prove the event and find other witnesses.

He has returned to the Temple of the Mount and has interviewed numerous members of the public. Today he released the following view with this statement:

Last week I filmed with a photographer in the Western wall looking for new evidences about the Jerusalem Ufo. After the police and the religious authority didn’t allow us to shoot and took us out from the area, I was lucky to find some lead to a new important evidence.

Eligael claims to have been approached by an orthodox man who claims his friend observed the object up close and was afraid to speak about what he had observed. This mystery individual, took down the contact details of Eligael and said would organize for the other witness to contact him to describe what he saw.

The video footage:

Jerusalem UFO | Eligael Returns to Ground Zero

The Dome of the Rock - Jerusalem
Image by betta design via Flickr

The Jerusalem UFO incident of 2011 has been largely met with criticism and doubt, given no witness has come forward. On the 19th of February, we covered an article where the key witness known as Eligael Gedalyovich, had indeed come forward. Our opinion is that he is a genuine individual – his story has credibility and real substance.

It is important that the UFO community not judge Eligael for having chosen Michael Cohen of All News Web to break the story. While Michael’s credibility is under constant scrutiny, we must ensure that this does not translate into what could very well be one of the most remarkable UFO observations of modern times.

Eligael has chosen to respond to requests from the wider community to return to the original site and film the area so that it can be compared to the original genuine footage. This is largely due to the many ‘recreations’ which have used still images while also positioning themselves with claims they are the original video. This has confused UFO researches, the general public and largely mainstream media.

The first video is where Eligael filmed the event. The 2nd Video is where his friend (anonymous) filmed the same event. The 3rd video relates to the area immediately below where the UFO is seen hovering above the ancient city.

The First Video returning to the original scene

The 2nd video where the anonymous witness filmed the event

The 3rd video is Ground Zero – directly below the area where the UFO hovered

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Jerusalem UFO | Key Witness Comes Forward

Jerusalem UFO described as beyond religious or political conflict
Jerusalem UFO described as beyond religious or political conflict

Almost a month after the initial Jerusalem UFO Story, an individual has come forward claiming to be the witness that filmed the now famous Jerusalem UFO incident.

All around the world headlines broke concerning the incredible footage of an unidentified flying object hovering over the Temple of the Mount in Jerusalem, Israel.  Following the initial release, hoaxes began flooding YouTube with their own ‘faked’ editions which is now considered potentially the smoke screen behind a larger disinformation campaign.

The story has been criticized on the basis the witness did not want to be identified.  Some even said, that no such witness exists.  Sometimes the truth is hard to swallow, especially when it challenges your very worldview.

The video has poor quality of sound, however the individual appears rather over-whelmed by the attention his video footage has received.

He made the following statements:

Since I uploaded the video I have received many comments and replies.  I am sorry that I cannot answer all of them. Following the incident I did not know how to react and could not sleep.  I believe this is something beyond religious or political conflict.

I would describe the key witness as very humble and genuine. He appears to be in a state of shock and struggling to digest his experiences.  He did state that he would investigate the area and upload further videos and will ask for the other witnesses to come forward also.

Jerusalem UFO | Incredible UFO Video | 1st Video

Jerusalem, Israel
Dome of the Rock

Jerusalem:  Two men at the Armon Hanatziv Panoramic lookout near Mount Zion obervsed and filmed a bright star-like object hovering above what is believed to be the Dome of the Rock / Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

The sighting took place at 1:00am on the 28th of January.

The footage is stunning and certainly rules out conventional man-made technology.

The original video footage:

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