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Tuesday April 26th 2011

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Jerusalem UFO | Crop Circle Connection

The 6th Video of the Jerusalem UFO incident of 2011 has revealed a deeper mystery that connects this now famous case to an even more famous crop circle formation from 1991.

This new video observes a UFO vehicle of unknown origin hovering above the Temple of the Mount in Jerusalem, Israel. The unknown witness zooms in on the underside of the object revealing a distinct geometric formation.

The geometric symbol is an exact match to the crop circle formation near Barbury Castle, England that first appeared on the 16th of July 1991 (pictured Below).

Barbury Castle Crop Circle, England, 1991
The Barbury Castle Crop Circle formation that appeared on 16th July 1991

The following graphic is a screen captured from the video uploaded by key witness Eligael.

Geometric Symbols under Jerusalem UFO
Obvious Geometric Symbols on the Jerusalem UFO

The following images present each of the key symbols on the underside of the UFO featured in the video:

3 Symbols Under the Jerusalem UFO
The 3 Geometric Symbols Under the Jerusalem UFO

Many believed that the 1991 crop circle was a direct message to mankind that could be scientifically decoded. The most famous decoding performed for the Barbury Castle ‘crop circle’ was by a a Gerald Vano who is a retired electronics engineer. Mr Vano included the following statement with his interpretation of the crop circle message:

Many people believe that aliens are communicating with us today in many different ways, but it seems there is just no real meat that we can sink our teeth into to prove it. What follows will prove to be undeniable evidence of this and can be understood by any reasonable thinking person. Well the truth is that there is a message encoded in its design. I believe you will agree with what follows:

Gerald Vano included the following illustrations of which are referenced in his translation which has been provided below the graphic:

Gerald Vano's Illustrations
Gerald Vano's Illustrations

In figure 12 is a diagram of the crop circle. You see in the center of the crop circle a triangle with three struts going from each corner to the center of the triangle. The struts are indicating that this shape is really a three dimensional tetrahedron. Notice how the three concentric circles are superimposed on the tetrahedron. These three circles are indicating a spherical shape. The combination of the sphere and the tetrahedron superimposed on to each other produces a very unusual shape. You can see a rendition of this shape on the bottom of figure 13. To find the reason for this combination, we have to look at the small circle at the top of the diagram. It is obvious that the reason the rod going from the center to the edge of the circle is that they are trying to get our attention to the radius of a circle. What are they trying to tell us about this unusual combination of a tetrahedron and a sphere that has to do with a radius? It has to do with volume. The relationship of the volume of a tetrahedron to the volume of a sphere in a mathematical formula requires the unique parameter of the radius of the sphere. They are trying to tell us to notice the size relationship between the two shapes. In measuring the size relationship of the two shapes in the diagram, I found that the volume of the two shapes were equal. What is the uniqueness of a tetrahedron and a sphere for the aliens to show them? The teachings of sacred geometry tell us that a tetrahedron is a basic 3 dimensional shape and is spiritually in tune with male energy because it is made up of all straight lines. It also indicates time, in that straight lines symbolize linear time. The sphere is spiritually in tune with female energy because it is all curves. It also symbolizes eternity. The aliens are indicating to us, with the unique combination of shapes in the center of the crop circle, something to do with an energy balance of opposites and also something to do with time and eternity. Notice at the bottom in figure 13 when a tetrahedron and a sphere of equal volume were superimposed on each other, how they resemble what is shown in the crop circle diagram. When building the Pyramids, the builders had to know how to square a circle or cube a sphere. This means the circumference of a circle equaled the perimeter of the square. The math to do this involves the number pi. Somehow, the same conditions apply here with these two shapes. If the assumptions I am making about a balancing are correct, then as we proceed, the rest of the decoding will fall into place and show this.

On the bottom left side in the diagram of figure 12, we see a shape that looked to me like a fibonacci spiral with a strange ratchet affect in it. The famous Fibonacci spiral is the top drawing shown in figure 13. Leonardo Fibonacci, a medieval mathematician, noticed a particular order or sequence that plant life utilized to grow, and he discovered that this order kept coming up everywhere. The sequence is 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34 and so on. This sequence generates a spiral like the one shown. The reason this spiral keeps coming up everywhere originates in the golden mean spiral, which goes in and out forever and has no beginning or end. Life doesn’t know how to deal with something that has no beginning because there is nowhere to start, so the Fibonacci sequence is life’s solution to the problem.

Through a process of unusually strange events, which I will not go into here, I was led to superimpose the ratcheted Fibonacci spiral in the center of a zodiac chart. You see this in figure 14. In doing this, I noticed that the ratchets lined up with the four cardinal signs of the zodiac. Then, it all seemed to come together in my mind. What the aliens are trying to tell us is that there is to come a crossing over to a new age, and that every six thousand years there is a disastrous correction in nature that will bring us into this new age. It was said before that the Fibonacci spiral couldn’t follow the golden mean spiral. The golden mean spiral has to do with the spiritual plain, and the Fibonacci spiral has to do with the physical plain. Notice in the drawing of figure 14 the darker spiral in the center of the chart. This symbolizes the golden mean spiral. Also notice the lighter ratcheted spiral superimposed on it. This is the Fibonacci spiral, which symbolizes the physical plane. Notice how the lighter spiral advances off away from the darker one. This is because the physical spiral cannot follow the spiritual spiral, and this ratchet or jump back in line with the golden mean spiral is a correcting move or jump that happens every six thousand years to bring the system back into balance. If this is true, then there had to be a correction six thousand years ago and twelve thousand years ago, also. According to the bible, the biblical flood happened six thousand years ago, and scientists say there is evidence that the world shifted on its axis twelve thousand years ago also. It is believed this is when Atlantis sank.

The combination of the tetrahedron and the sphere showed us to look for a balance a balance between opposite forces. We see that the ratchet effect in the Fibonacci spiral is to bring a balance back into our system between the spiritual and the physical forces. On the bottom right, there is one more symbol to decode. You see in this small circle a sort of pinwheel effect. It should be fairly obvious, after looking at figure 15, that what they are telling us here is to look at the Galaxy because during the correcting Jump, the earth will shift on its polar axis at that moment of precessonal balance, earth will change directions in its polar wobble motion relative to the Galactic center. At that moment of change, we will enter into an eternal moment when time stops. At that moment, earth will enter the Galactic Age. We are now living in the Age of the Sun. The Egyptians symbol for the Age of the Sun was a square superimposed on a circle. Today, our symbol for the Age of the Galaxy is the tetrahedron superimposed on a sphere.

Gerald Vano website with the complete translation:

Note:  The crop circle connection was first identified by an Administrator of the Jerusalem UFO Group on facebook, Mr Alan Clark.

Asia | Indonesian Crop Circle Formation

Indonesian Crop Circle Formation
Indonesian Crop Circle Formation

On the 23rd January 2011, Indonesia reported an unusual crop circle formation.  The region is not known for crop circle formations, little lone in rice fields.  The circle is reported as appearing near Krasakan, Jogotirto Village, District Berbah, Sleman, Yogyakarta.

According to, The Indonesian Air Force has ordered a probe to investigation the formation. It is alledged that Indonesian Air Force chief Marshall Imam Sufaat, on Monday gave instruction for the circle to be photographed from a military helicopter as part of initial investigations.

Is this crop circle formation related to UFOs?

More importantly, why has the Air Force shown such interest in this particular formation?

Marshall Imam Sufaat said : “If we examine the photographs, we will possibility see if the patterns were in fact created with powers beyond human knowledge,” Imam said as quoted by, on the sidelines of the Air Force commander meeting in Yogyakarta.”

Imam, however, declined to comment further on the geometric pattern. []

The following Video is local news coverage (not in English):

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Did ET Answer Key SETI Questions?

1999 Chilbolton Crop Circle
1999 Chilbolton Crop Circle

Earlier today we published an article on the Chilbolton crop circle formation and the remarkable binary information that was found by Scientists around the world.  Amongst the information was a picture that suggested the aliens look very much like ourselves, however are only 4 feet tall.  More importantly was information concerning their DNA structure and predominant element Silicon.

A study of the formations by scientists from the SETI Institute questioned the integrity of the formations stating that they found it ‘unlikely’ that an alien race would resemble ourselves.  They further stated that we have shared evolution with many species on this planet over the past billions of years, share common DNA traits yet so much diversity in appearance.  The SETI scientists continued by stating that it is unlikely that Silicon can be a part of their biological construction.

The SETI response is disappointing as it assumes that all areas of the universe conform to what we study and observe here on our own planet.  The known laws of the universe have been observed within our own solar system.  It is quite possible, and probable that in other areas of the expansive regions of space, that there are other influences that could cause life to evolve in billions of different environments and in ways that would not sustain here on planet Earth. Introduce an earth man onto the surface of mercury and he will not survive.

The first recorded crop circle in the region happened a couple of years before the face experience and possibly answers the questions relating to how similar our DNA construct is, and why for example we may look similar.  The image to the right is an artists recreation of the first formation in 1999 within the Chilbolton fields.

Some researchers have suggested that this image is in fact a 3 Dimension image of a pyramid formation.  It is pyramids within pyramids and is thought to represent our ancestry with this distant race. Much like a family tree we have a point of origin and the diverse branches of different generations.

Is humanity part of a greater cosmic family with ancient extraterrestrial origins ?

Did ET seed intelligent life on earth and does this explain “The Missing Link”

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First Contact | Have Aliens responded to NASA transmission? Experts say YES

The Arecibo message as sent 1974 from the Arec...
Image via Wikipedia

In 1974,  NASA Scientists transmit a deep space transmission in a unique binary format with the hope of establishing contact with intelligent beings from another star system.

The intricate message featured information on decimal figures (Maths is the only true universal language), Details on the dominant element on earth (Carbon),our DNA structure, Our average height, Earth’s population, The fact we live on the 3rd Planet from our sun; and Details concerning the radio telescope from which the message was broadcast

Initially the exercise was met with criticism from many fields of science and media; however in 2001 something very unusual took place that resulted in headline coverage all around the world.

Just outside the Chilbolton village in Hampshire England, is a research facility that is appropriately named the Chilbolton Observatory.  In 2001 in the fields surrounding the observatory was an unusual formation in the grass fields.  Initially it looked like tumbled weeds with no apparent design, however when viewed from the air, the secrets of the formations were revealed.

Face formation in 2001 crop circle formation
Face formation in 2001 crop circle formation

Many researchers feel that this crop circle formation is a direct response to the binary signal NASA transmitted in 1947. The larger of the 2 formations was a square image that from a helicopter formed a clearly defined face with eyes, nose, and mouth.  The second formation was far more cryptic yet mirrored the design of the 1974 transmission complete with binary information.

Scientists have translated the binary information which, like our own message, provided key information on this apparent alien civilization:

  • Maths as predicted, remained universal
  • Their predominant element is silicon, compared to our carbon
  • Their head is larger than our own
  • Their height is only 4 feet
  • Their population is 21.3 Billion inhabitants
  • They have established their civilization on the 3rd, 4th and 5th Planets within their solar system.
  • The final details on the diagram is complex, and is the are where humanity presented information on our own radio telescope systems.
Complex Binary code within 2001 Crop Circle
Complex Binary code within 2001 Crop Circle

This was not the first crop circle outside the Chilbolton township.  A year prior, a more complex formation appeared that is later recognized as being identical to that final complex diagram found within the binary broadcast.

Did extraterrestrial beings respond to our initial transmission?

In 2002, a 3rd formation appeared within the same region that showed the face of a different alien species and what can only be described as a CD like formation that is rich with binary messages.  Translation of this intergalactic CD revealed quite an unusual message:

“Beware the bearers of false
gifts and their broken promises.
Much pain but still time;
There is good out there.
We opose deception.”

This second face resembled the more commonly recognized alien face with the pointy head and large dark eyes.

The psychology of the message would suggest that this distant species has studied our society and seem to understand the pains of humanity.  ’The bearers of false gifts and broken promises” would surely be referring to our politicians and world leaders!

The following YouTube presentation covers this story:

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