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Wednesday April 20th 2011

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Jerusalem UFO | Critical Analysis of UFO Video 1

Further into our discussion of the Jerusalem UFO incident of 2011, we have presented some of the more convincing evidence that suggests the encounter was a fabrication or otherwise a hoax.

The wider UFO community is divided by statements issued by MUFON Chief Video Analyst Mr Marc Dantonio, who stated that in his expert opinion believed the incident to be a hoax – including Videos 1 & 2.   Mr Dantonio is set to release a comprehensive report on the MUFON website in the near future.

So lets take a critical look at each of the 6 videos and highlight some the key traits that many state suggest the incident was indeed fabricated.

Video One by Eligael

The following graphics are captured from the 1st Jerusalem UFO Video as uploaded by Eligael.

Video 1 as uploaded by Eligael
Image 1.1 - This image is captured from Video One of the Jerusalem UFO Incident as uploaded by Eligael. To the untrained eye this looks pretty normal - or does it?
Image showing Mirrored edge from the 1st Jerusalem UFO Video
Image 1.2 - At the edge of frame we notice the image starting to mirror as Eligael moves the camera around the scene.
The UFO hovering over the Temple of the Mount
Image 1.3 - Notice the pixel distortions around the edge of the orb of light as it hovers above the Temple of the Mount. This is at 400x zoom. Graphic experts will often look for these tell-tale signs as evidence the object was inserted into the scene. Others suggest this is a bi-product of resolution on YouTube. The original footage would need to be assessed for a conclusive statement to be formulated.
Pixel Anomalies on the 1st Jerusalem UFO Video
Image 1.4 - On the 1st Jerusalem UFO Video the object swiftly darts into the darkened sky where we observe red lights flickering in the sky. If you look at the location 1minute 37 seconds on the video you can see obvious pixel anomalies. There is an unusual angled line as identified by the red arrows and similar artefacts at the location of the red blinking lights.

Interestingly, a well known UFO hoaxer has also debunked the original UFO videos as uploaded by Eligael.  Known only as HOAXKiller1, the individual provided the following statement:

My THEORY is that the background is fake… or something was edited in the video.  No amount of video compression could change the geometry as you see here.  To draw the line on the wall I didn’t only use the edge of the wall to detect where the line should go. I also used the lines in the bricks just below the line, and the tree.  Something fishy is up with this video… and this is NOT the only issue.  The lighting is completely fake as well, but that is another topic.  This time I motion tracked the horizon so that it stays in one spot. Notice how the angle of the edge of the wall changes, but the angle of the horizon stays the same, THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE. Unless he is on a boat, or is in a super large Earthquake, the angle of the horizon and the edge of the wall should remain locked together. Because they don’t, this means the entire horizon is fake. The UFO video is a HOAX.

The Following presents the motion tracked Video produced by HOAXKiller1:

Stay tuned as next as we move our discussion into the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Jerusalem UFO Videos. Now every story has 2 sides, so as part of this venture we will also present the arguments that support the incident as genuine. You are encouraged to actively participate and put forward your own contributions.

Jerusalem UFO | Who attacked the UFO?

Stairway to Al-Aqsa / Αλ Ακσά

A new video analysis has surfaced concerning the famous Jerusalem UFO.

Many hoax editions of the video have surfaced which many UFO researches claim represent part of a disinformation campaign.  It is suggested the ‘false’ videos are part of a cover-up campaign to discredit the original footage.  Unfortunately much of mainstream media has featured the wrong videos.

New footage has surfaced that analyses the original Jerusalem UFO incident.  What is striking is that it appears the UFO orb over the temple of the mount, was ‘fired at’ by a weapon from the left of screen.  It appears someone has attempted to shoot down the UFO orb.

It seems like risky business to me!  Why would we attack a civilization clearly far more technologically advanced than ourselves?  It sums up the problems of our modern word – shoot first and ask questions later!

The new analysis showing the flash from the left:

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Jerusalem UFO | Incredible UFO Video | 1st Video

Jerusalem, Israel
Dome of the Rock

Jerusalem:  Two men at the Armon Hanatziv Panoramic lookout near Mount Zion obervsed and filmed a bright star-like object hovering above what is believed to be the Dome of the Rock / Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

The sighting took place at 1:00am on the 28th of January.

The footage is stunning and certainly rules out conventional man-made technology.

The original video footage:

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Jerusalem UFO | Critical Analysis of UFO Video 1

Jerusalem UFO | Critical Analysis of UFO Video 1

Further into our discussion of the Jerusalem UFO incident of 2011, we have presented some of the more convincing [Read More]

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