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Thursday February 24th 2011

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WikiLeaks: More UFO references

Picture of Julian Assange during a talk at 26C3
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Michael Cohen of, claimed earlier this week that source from the WikiLeaks team has directly leaked to allnewsweb a new Cable concerning UFO affairs.

Cohen published the the article on the website on the 17th January 2011 titled ‘New Secret UFO WikiLeaks cable revealed’.

Cohen claims the cable is the classified information that WikiLeaks declined to publish on the basis the document did not meet their standards.

The cable states: “It is critical all embassy staff understand that they are not to discuss under any circumstance concerns DOD has with UFOs entering orbit, once again the seriousness of this matter cannot be overstated”
The cable was sent on 9 November, 2005 by the State Dept to a diplomat connected to the US embassy in Kiev, Ukraine.

Cohen issued the following statement:

Our record on the Wikileaks UFO connection is good. The initial question posed to Assange on the UFO issue was asked by an avid All News Web reader from Germany and we were informed by him with seconds of Assange’s response. We have received many emails on the matter since then, however this has been the first piece of information of real interest. 

As many predicted, the WikiLeaks cables make mention of the subject of UFOs, however does not reveal anything of significance as far as we are concerned.

Julian Assange Awarded ‘Honorary Title’ by Controversial UFO Cult

Assange awared Honorary title by Rael
Assange awared Honorary title by Rael

A Controversial UFO cult Rael, announced that they have awarded the WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, the title “Honorary Guide to Humanity”.

The announcement tool place at a Raelian gathering in Japan, with the cult leader stating that Assange needs the support of the cult, so that Julian can continue to “destroy the myth of honesty of the political leaders”.

Within the same speech, Rael continued by encouraging his members to attend political meetings and public speeches of prime ministers and laugh loudly when statements such as “we will build a strong nation” are made.

The possible imprisonment of Assange was compared to Nelson Mandela, then Rael advised Assange that he should know that he would not stay in prison for a long time.

The honorary title was awarded to Assange on what the cult claims is the 37th anniversary of Rael’s own encounter with whom he refers too as ‘extraterrestrial scientists who created life on earth’.

The UFO cult made worldwide headlines in 2002 after claims that one of their members would give birth to the worlds first human clone.  Furthermore Rael made claims that this will be the first of 5 babies that the group are expecting.  Reports also found that the group had established a company called ‘Clonaid‘ in 1997 whose main goal was the creation of the worlds first synthetic human.

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WikiLeaks Cable confirms USSR Investigated UFOs

USSR Recovers Crashed UFO
USSR Recovers Crashed UFO

The following is an official diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks that confirms the former USSR investigated UFO Sightings. The original was released by

Rather the posting the cable in full, I have copied only the relevant information. The link above will direct you to the original cable document release.

BKGB Chairman Yuriy Zhadobin on why his organization no longer
investigates paranormal phenomena:
“Unlike during the USSR, the department is not engaged in studying
paranormal phenomena. [Back then,] we had greater means and
opportunities which we could spend on anything and everything.
Today the situation is different. Then, when society was excited by
something, it entered our sphere of interest. But when it comes to
healers, UFOs and such, we just can´t deal with them any more.”

WikiLeaks to Prove existence of Extraterrestrial Contact

Picture of Julian Assange during a talk at 26C3
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Founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange claims to have highly secretive documents concerning US contact with Extraterrestrials.  It is claimed the documents clearly refer to UFO’s and the possible existence of extraterrestrial beings.

Many believe these documents will prove that the government has been aware of these visitors for more than 60 years.

Some even boldly suggest that area 51 is the ground base component of a much larger off-world facility used to interact with the aliens.

Certainly the claims are sensational, yet the world continues to eagerly await the release.

An apposing view is that many will be left disappointed when the report reveals very little other than reference to unidentified objects flying above our cities.

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