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Thursday February 24th 2011

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1943 โ€“ The Philadelphia Experiment | Back Engineering?

The USS Eldridge
The USS Eldridge

In 1943 the US Navy commenced a series of secret military experiments which today is widely known as ‘The Philadelphia Experiment’.

The official explanation was that the project consisted of a range of tests concerning new technology to ‘render allied ships invisible to enemy radar’. However the results of the experiment have NEVER been made public, yet these same results are said to have shut down on-going experimentation on the Philadelphia harbor.

Interestingly and vey much like the Roswell Incident, the experiment made headlines as members of the crew came forward to recount that incredible day. It was an experience that was burnt into the minds of everyone involved.

Rather than make the ship invisible to radar, the military war vessel was surrounded by brilliant light, that quite literally became invisible and vanished in front of everyone. More startlingly was the claims that the ship was fully crewed and the men on board the vessel also disappeared.

According to legend, during the time of invisibility the entire ship and crew entered into what can only be called a realm / dimension considered to be outside both time and space.

Was the US Navy involved in early back-engineering projects possibly related to the UFO phenomenon? Interestingly, the time frame coincides with early expeditions to the Antarctic where it is claimed the US Defense force discovered advanced technology in secret bunkers.


Wikipedia Article: The Philadelphia Experiment

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