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Wednesday April 27th 2011

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NASA Picks Up Distress Signal From Doomed Planet

NASA Picks up Distress signal
Original Article Found within the UK Ministry of Defence UFO Files

Recently the UK Ministry of Defence released to the National Archives the 7th batch of UFO Files.

Interestingly, One of those files features an article Published in the Weekly World News, (September 15, 1998 Vol 19 No. 51) with story about how NASA detected and decoded a mathematics based distress Signal from a doomed Planet outside our own Galaxy.

The signal was detected in January of 1998 however took many months to decode the message.

You can find this article in the UK Ministry of Defence file defe-24-1999-1-1.pdf on page 198. For your convenience the article has been transcribed:

NASA experts claim to have intercepted an intergalactic distress call from an alien civilization that had already peaked and was actually dying when saber-tooth tigers still roamed the earth!

The 80,000-year-old SOS was received and tape recorded in late January (1998).

But only in recent weeks have radio astronomers and lanuage experts found the key to the complex mathematics-based language that enabled them to translate the frantic plea for help.

The world press has been suspiciously silent about the startling message, though lengthy scientific reports are scheduled for publication in two professional journals, Radio Astronomy and Universe.

According to a highly placed NASA source in houston, noted Russian space scientist Victor Kulakov is leading a United Nations research team from a state-operated observatory 50 miles northwest of Moscow.

Dr. Kulakov told Universe that the signal emanated from a point beyond the galaxy nearest to our own – Andromeda – and was sent by beings that had apparently achieved a civilization no more advanced than our own here on Earth.

“The simple fact that we received and decoded the message proves beyond any doubt that their knowledge and technology were, at the very best, within our reach.” Dr Kulakov explained.

“And while there are years of study ahead of us, I can say with certainty that the death of their civilization was not the result of some cosmic catastrophe. It was the result of the civilization turning on itself, possibly with devastating nuclear weaponry.”

Dr Kulakov flatly refused to provide either of the magazines with a transcript of the message, but he did say it began with the plea, “Help us,” and went on to give data pinpointing the exact position of the doomed planet.

There was a quite lucid account of apocalyptic devastation, hellish explosions, widespread death and terminal illnesses,” he said.

“A Shower of meteors? Perhaps. But what stikes me, and this is just a feeling, is an underlying acceptance of guilt. It’s as if the senders of the message are acknowledging blame for what happened.”
Whatever it was, they apparently had no means to evacuate the remaining population. Interplanetary space travel was available to them, but only on a very limited level. The message makes it very clear that they were trapped on their world,” said Dr. Kulakov.

UK Ministry of Defence Releases More UFO Files

UK Ministry of Defence Releases More UFO Files
UK Ministry of Defence Releases More UFO Files

The UK Ministry of Defence has released its seventh batch of secret UFO Files. This is considered the largest release so far with more than 35 files consisting of approximately 8,500 pages.

One of the most interesting stories included reports of 15 unidentified flying objects detected on radar just prior to the September 11 attacks on the world trade centre in the USA. One the day of the attack, one object was also detected and remains a mystery.

Sky News reported one UFO report where a man observed a Cigar shaped UFO:

One man told the MoD he believed he had been beamed up by an alien craft from his home in Barnes, southwest London. He described having a glass of milk in his garden on a night in October 1998 and “after a few moments I heard a distant roar of engines getting louder and louder”. The man said he was terrified as a huge “cigar-shaped vehicle” appeared over his house and said it felt like he had gained a whole hour. “I am now beginning to wonder if I was abducted,” he told the MoD, which replied that the clocks had gone back the night before.

The National Archives highlights guide included the following interesting reference to Priminister Winston Churchill:

In August 2000 the MoD received a Code of Practice request from Dr David Clarke for a copy of a report produced in 1951 by the MoD’s Flying Saucer Working Party that had been used to brief PM Winston Churchill (DEFE 24/2030 p196-198). The report was referred in a file released two years earlier at The National Archives, but MoD insisted no trace of the report could be found in its records and Dr Clarke was told it had “not survived the passage of time” (p201). In May 2001 the missing report was discovered during a routine re-review of closed files (see DEFE 24/2050 p34-39).

The files include many photos, newspaper clippings and Ministry of Defence UFO Policy.  Here are a few examples:


UK Ministry of Defence UFO policy
UK Ministry of Defence UFO policy


UFO Proof Newspaper Clipping
Newspaper Clipping

The files are publicly available for download for the next 4 weeks at no cost. Previously released files are available for a small fee.  Click here to Access the Ministry of Defence Files

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