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Tuesday May 17th 2011

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MUFON Expert Explains Belgium Sized UFO Formation

Belgium Doughnut UFO Formation
Belgium Doughnut UFO Formation - 23:45; 15th March 2011

MUFON Chief Video Analyst Marc Dantonio, has today assessed the Belgium sized formation that has been occurring on Weather Radar and Satellite systems around the world.  Mr Dantonio provided UFO Briefcase with the following explanation:

I have actually seen this before and was equally perplexed until I learned years ago how Weather RADAR works. In short, there are various RADAR types and many times you will see, depending on conditions, artifacts in the resultant image. They will show up as doughnuts, rings, concentric circles, discs, and sometimes radial lines as well.

As far as the RING part of the doughnut in the image, what happens is that there are on occasion, conditions that are considerably more “opaque” to RADAR transmission than at other times.  The term “opaque” is not quite right here but serves as a good analogy.  Fully “opaque” RADAR conditions can cause rings that look like doughnuts, whereas “semi-opaque” conditions could result in concentric circles.

If you look at how RADAR is sent out from the source transmitter, you can see that the RADAR transmissions will intersect weather and return the echo. The more solid the object, the better the echo. Snow doesnt reflect back as well as Water or hail/ice. Water then, has a particular way of reflecting radar signals back that is quite useful and we see this in those doughnuts in the weather RADARs when conditions are … well… “perfect” for lack of a better term, to see the full-on failure of the RADAR to penetrate further than it typically might.

Most likely the anomalistic imagery is the result of a combination of ice/rain/snow causing the odd shapes in the perimeter around the RADAR. But the story doesn’t end there. I didn’t address that HOLE in the center of the donut but explained what I think is causing the opaque echo return.

As far as the HOLE you see making this a donut, that is a classic example of what is typically called the “Cone of Silence” .. .The weather RADAR cannot look straight up so you never see the close-in data for the RADAR location. Typically the RADAR is at a 19.5 degree angle and you will see a ‘hole’ in the coverage out to a certain distance from Weather RADARs. This is much more obvious for isolated RADAR stations where the conglomerate map of the RADAR picture is not blended evenly with other RADAR station results.

Additionally, depending on locations, a lot of other very strange artifacts can be seen. There is a phenomenon called “sea echo” that can occur in a shoreline area RADAR installation and you actually see intense wave looking returns.. They are in fact long ocean swells being reflected back but someone might think they are a fleet of enemy bombers! You can see bird echoes filling the sky during migrations. You can also get a really cool phenomenon that can create some exceedingly strange patterns in the sky through a beast called AP or anomalous propagation. This is a situation where the RADAR beam is refracted under certain conditions, down to the ground miles from the transmitter.  So there are many many types of anomalous returns. The doughnuts are typical of certain conditions too as I mentioned but certainly DO stand out – I don’t mind telling you!

But as I always say, you dont have to take my word for it!  Here is something you can do immediately to see that this is all it is:

Look at the exact geometric centre of these donuts and see if there is a RADAR station within a reasonable distance of the best guess for “hole-centre” in the doughnut. Google Earth can actually show you the RADAR stations pretty well if they are of reasonable size or are tied to a larger facility like a television station which will have various other dishes and antennas identifiable from Google Earth.

Source: Mutual UFO Network

UFOs | An Alternative Theory

UFO’s have been sighted all around the world.  Witnesses describe them as being far beyond current technologies developed by mankind and therefore must be the stellar vehicles developed by intelligent beings from a planet outside our own solar system.

But what are alternative theories not commonly discussed in the news?

This thought provoking question sent me on a mission to discover alternative theories that are backed by extensive documentation and evidence.  It seems I was lead backwards in time to an ancient civilization on earth called Atlantis – a taboo subject according to modern scholars, however it had to be considered at some point in my studies.

Kircher Map of the World from the perspective of Atlantis
Kircher Map of the World from the perspective of Atlantis

More commonly discussed in academic circles is the writings of Plato and his reference to this lost world.  Many have embarked on the search for this mythical land that apparently featured highly advanced technologies beyond what we have today.  Many researchers suggest this famous land is somewhere below the appropriately named Atlantic Ocean, while others suggest off the Greek Islands.

An alternative and not so commonly discussed theory relates to an Ancient Egyptian map that was reproduced in the 16th Century by a Jesuit Priest, Athanasius Kircher (1601 to 1680).  Many scholars have been challenged by the Kircher Atlantis map, as it positioned North as facing the bottom of the map – essentially it was commonly studied upside down so as to conform with our modern view of the world.

Published Atlantis researcher, Mr Rand Flem-Ath made a startling discovery way back in 1976 when he came across a pamphlet produced by the US Naval Support  Force on Antarctica called ‘Introduction to Antarticta’.  According to the Author had previously read a Plato piece that described the Earth’s geography from the perspective of Atlantis.  It was not until the Naval brochure came into the equation that Rand Flem-Ath made his startling realization.  On the front of the brochure featured a map with Antarctica at the center and the key continents referenced from this location. When compared to the Kircher map, one could easily argue that it is relatively similar:

US Naval map from Brochure
The United States Naval map from the brochure with Antarctica at the center

Rand Flem-Ath has conducted extensive research to support his perspective that Antarctica is the lost continent of Atlantis.  We encourage you to make your own mind by further investigating his works.  A good starting point is his published work titled ‘When the Sky Fell; In Search of Atlantis’.

But what does this have to do with the UFO’s?

German UFOs
Did Germany back-engineer UFOs?

Many UFO researchers have come across classified documents concerning back-engineering projects conducted by Germany of UFO’s / flying saucers during World War  II.  Now as it were, I have come across an old Video cassette featuring a documentary titled “German Flying Saucers: UFO”.   The film was produced by Christopher McIlraith of Unlimited Vision Motion Pictures; dated 1993.

A review by Nexus Magazine reveals that the documentary features 286 flying saucer craft that were built between 1941 – 1945 by the Germans as both “war and science efforts”.  Included are detailed plans, and extensive photographic evidence of test flights conducted during this time.  Many UFO researchers suggest suggest these vehicles came into German possession after a crash landing, however an alternative theory links this technology to the continent of Antarctica.

Egyptian Glyph with Cross like Glyph
Egyptian Glyph with Cross like Glyph

Operation Highjump, officially titled ‘The United States Navy Antarctic Developments Program, was a U.S. Naval operation in 1946 that was organized by Richard E Byrd.  Interestingly, the expedition to Antarctica included 13 ships, multiple aircraft and some 4,700 men.  On completion of the Naval operation, Byrd stated that “the most important of the observations and discoveries made was of the present potential situation as it relates to the security of the United States”.  He further stated that he “realized perhaps better than any other person, the significance of the scientific discoveries made in these explorations”.

Many UFO researchers suggest Operation Highjump was a covert military operation to conquer secret underground Nazi facilities and capture the German UFO prototypes.  An investigation by researcher Kevin McClure is titled ‘The Nazi Mythos’ which features a range of material to support his claims.

Among the composition of material is included Photos and plans of prototypes; documents concerning German expeditions to Antarctica (coincide with Operation Highjump time frame); Maps of the continent and German newspaper articles dated 1939 concerning earlier expeditions to the area.

Interestingly, the NewYork Times featured a story in 1946 that was titled “Nazis’ Planned Sun Gun 5,100 Miles Up”. McClure suggested that Germany had started testing this technology in Antarctica, and presented photographs that show what is suggested is a weapon system originating in the clouds.

It is suggested by various UFO researchers that the prototype UFO’s were engineered from craft originally recovered from bases below Antarctica.  Images of the craft include a cross like emblem on the machines, which is also found in Ancient Egyptian Glyphs and referred to in Ancient Indian scriptures.

Ancient Egyptian UFO Glyph
Ancient Egyptian UFO Glyph
Egyptian Glyph showing Advanced Technology
Ancient Egyptian Glyph featuring what is considered modern Advanced Technology
Ancient Indian Vimana
Ancient Indian Vimana (Wheel, within a wheel: Chariots of the Gods)

Mukul Sharma, an ancient civilization specialist, wrote an article for The Times of India in 1999 about an ancient Sanskrit text that details the use of aircraft that were called ‘Vimanas’.  Included are instructions on building the aircraft, stories of flight and reference to passengers specially equipped to survive multiple environments. Interestingly it further states that the craft featured weapons systems based on the reflective focusing of sunlight.

Further interpretations from the text revealed that in addition to the Vimanas, was a second civilization who built technologically superior cigar shaped craft referred to as ‘Vailixi’.  Unlike the Vimanas, the cigar craft is reportedly capable of under sea travel, space flight and reportedly first built around 18,000 BC.

Mukul Sharma revealed that texts from other cultures such as the ‘Laws of the Babylonians’ and the ‘Sifrala of Chaldea’ apparently corroborated flight claims made by the Sanskrit text.

Indian art of Ancient Vimana Technology
Indian art of Ancient Vimana Technology (Image found on Indian Government website)

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HAARP | UFO Contactee Warns Greater Risk then Atomic Bomb

HAARP Facility
The HAARP Facility

Billy Meier delivers a stern warning in his 1998 FIGU Bulletin (No 13) concerning the controversial HAARP facility operated by the United States Air Force and Navy.

“HAARP” is the abbreviation for “High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project”.  According to the HAARP website, the facility is described as:

“A scientific endeavour aimed at studying the properties and behavior of the ionosphere, with particular emphasis on being able to understand and use it to enhance communications and surveillance systems for both civilian and defense purposes”.

Meier states that the very name of this American project camouflages the fact that it ‘has the potential for being a greater catastrophe for mankind than the creation of the atomic bomb’.

Billy states that his warning concerning this technology, directly relates to warnings issued by an advanced alien civilization called the Plejaran.

Meier also claims that the energy-rays directed into the ionosphere by HAARP will then be reflected back to Earth as electric waves of an extremely low frequency (ELF). This process is capable of transforming these ELF waves into an ‘insidious weapon’.

The Plejaran have warned that the ELF vibrations can penetrate the brains of people and animals when aimed in their direction.  They state that this will both immobilize and prevent the affected individual/animal from any form of movement or act of defence and will also render them insane.

Meier was taught by the Plejaran visitors that above the earth’s ozone layer is the fragile ionosphere; as a gaseous stratum enriched with electric particles called ions. They explained that Scientists intend to heat up this ionosphere by using HAARP’s powerful antennas so that bundled, high-frequency radio waves can be shot into designated regions of the ionosphere. He advises that this process will result in artificially-curved ion clouds that function like an optical lense that will be used to reflect the low frequency ELF waves.

The Plejarans insist there is a direct link between HAARP and the environmental pollution and destruction, and global warming. Even though the HAARP tests are still at a low level, the program is already triggering floods, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and stormy weather conditions.

Meier states the Plejaran advised that on-going HAARP experiments are to blame for climatic changes which have triggered worldwide earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods and environmental catastrophes.  He says ‘Those in charge of the HAARP program deny that such testing is generating this turmoil.  However the Plejarans categorically state that this is the case.

According to the FIGU Bulletin, Bernard Estlund, a student of Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), prepared the scientific groundwork for HAARP. He patented his work in 1985 under the title, “Method and Mechanism for Changing an Area of the Atmosphere, Ionosphere and/or the Magnetic Sphere of the Earth”.

A few years after his invention, Eastlund lost control of his patent when he developed financial problems.  He has stated that the antenna installation in Alaska is in reality a massive ray-gun, capable of destroying not only all communication networks but also missiles, air-planes, satellites and much more.  He claims side-effects, both wanted and unwanted, include climatic catastrophes throughout the world or at least in some regions, and unrestricted deadly cosmic radiation.

Source: FIGU Society USA

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UFO Sighting | Weather Radar Detects UFO Bigger than Belgium

Unusual formations have been appearing on government weather satellite imagery all over the world. Satellite Weather images over Europe have detected an enormous unidentified object that is larger than Belgium!

The key witness has recorded their observation in order to understand exactly what was seen.  The video was uploaded onto YouTube with the following statement:
“Can somebody tell my what the heck is going on ?”
Doughnut Formation larger than Belgium
Doughnut Formation larger than Belgium

In recent years a number of similar formations have occurred around the world.  The first time UFO Briefcase came across this type of phenomenon was the repeated incidents across Australia.

The most famous Australian incident resembles are large doughnut-like formation that was was positioned over the lower South-west Corner of Western Australia.

Doughnut UFO Formation - Perth
Doughnut UFO Formation - Perth

A similar appearance again happened on the 22nd January of 2010, however this time the ‘unknown object’ was positioned over the city of Melbourne.  This particular formation almost resembles a giant CD with binary information.

Doughnut UFO Victoria
Doughnut UFO over Victoria

Only one hour later and on the other side of the country, a new formation was observed that I consider to be the most unusual of all occurrences. Positioned over the North West shelf of Western Australia was a very solid looking formation which was again captured on weather satellite imagery.

North West WA Doughnut UFO Formation
North West WA Doughnut UFO Formation

The following video presents the 15th March 2011 incident over Europe:

Japan Nuclear Crisis | UFO Contactee Warned About this Event

Billy Meier Photo of Plejaren UFO
Billy Meier Photo of Plejaren UFO (Photo courtesy of

As Japan struggles to gain control of the Nuclear disaster following the 9 magnitude quake and tsunami, new evidence has surfaced by Michael Horn of ‘They Fly Productions’, who states that Swiss UFO contactee, Billy Meier, had warned specifically about this event, and as early as 1958.

Billy Meier is one of the most famous UFO Cases in the history of UFO research. Many have resolved to an opinion that his reported incidents are hoaxed without any real scientific research to support these claims.

The Meier case is exceptional on the basis the contacts are on-going, with the most recent visitation taking place in February 2011. More importantly Meier has presented credible evidence to support his claims in the form of sound recordings, photos, video footage, and metal samples.  

Meier has claimed that the samples were supplied to him by a human extraterrestrial race known as the Plejaren.

Billy Meier continues to gain the attention of the UFO community and not just for his UFO evidence.  Meier boasts an impressive track record of prophetic accuracies concerning future scientific discoveries and of pending natural disasters and events.

Our files on Meier include the following quotations where Meier warns of Earthquakes, Tsunami’s and Nuclear events:

27.) Also the whole of nature will rise up, and indeed against the human and his irresponsible machinations with which he disturbs the course of the natural things as well as of the flora and fauna and of all life.

28.) Storms, ranging from heavy to the heaviest will, from now on, until far into the Third Millennium, bring unspeakably much misery, need and suffering to the human as has never happened since time immemorial.

29.) The most severe earth and seaquakes will take effect with primeval-like force and demand millions of human lives, as also will deluge-like masses of rain that evoke monstrous flooding and cause mighty destruction as the human has never before collectively experienced or seen.

30.) And what results in the last 42 years of the Second Millennium, along with very many other evils, along with chaos, ghastliness and catastrophes that are not mentioned, carries everything on also into the Third Millennium and exacts its tribute all around.

56.) Through atomic contamination of the environment – through atomic explosions, atomic power plants and radioactive waste from industry and hospitals, and so on – the entire life of fauna and flora as well as of humans will be ever more injured and disturbed in health, while also mutations of fauna and flora as well as of humans will appear in terrible ways.

60.) That is to be understood in this way, that Earth Man exploits his planet and robs it of the fundamental life energy, in that he robs from it the underground oil and gas and the most diverse ores.

61.) This leads to the fact that the Earth suffers shifts within, which leads to enormous volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, because slowly the Earth collapses from within.

62.) But the same process is also created by the erection of dams and similar structures which, due to the accumulation of masses of water, cause extremely dangerous Earth movements.

124.) Constructed water dams have to be destroyed.

125.) All established atomic power plants have to be destroyed and new plants of those types have to be forbidden…

135.) Powerful earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, climatic changes, storms, flooding and accidents will mark the world picture from now on.

202.) The Earth will not come to rest, because earthquakes of much greater magnitude will shake her, than this was the case during the last year.

203.) Only that these quakes are not all to be expected during this year.

204.) However, they will be of a terrible magnitude to the degree that nations and islands will sink.

205.) Unusually severe droughts will move across the world, in order to then be succeeded by flooding of severe proportions.

The Plejaren message is simple, yet startling.  Meier claims the extraterrestrials state that our planet is now severely over-populated which in its own right contributes to many of the devastations yet to face humanity.  

Digging deeper into the Meier UFO Briefcase, we came across the following published statements:

Also monstrous destruction of all human acquisitions extends ever further; destruction of mountains through avalanches as a consequence of the thawing of permafrost, and, through volcanism large parts of mountains explode away, which, as mud slides, collapse into valleys, destroy everything, annihilate entire villages and towns and cost many human lives. Glaciers melt away worldwide just as do the masses of ice of the Arctic and Antarctic.

The world’s climate rapidly warms which leads to monstrous revolutions in the climate which bring with them great waves of heat and cold, blasts of fire as well as droughts, floods, snowstorms and hailstorms. Earthquakes and seaquakes will appear ever more frequently as well as the resulting enormous tsunamis on the oceans and seas, which lead to further devastating destruction of human acquisitions and of landscapes as well as to mass deaths of humans.

Monstrous material damage to the land, houses and all kinds of buildings comes about – to streets, railways, wild brooks, brooks in fields, rivers and seas. And there will be more and more human lives to lament through these climatically-conditioned revolutions and storms because the rapid and increasing warming of the climate and climate change alters the entirety of nature and the oceans’ currents, which evokes enormous revolutions.

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COMETA Report: United Nations Reviews UFO Recommendations

Cometa Report:  Historic UFO Photo
Cometa Report: Historic UFO Photo

COMETA is the name of a report completed in 1999 by Former French Military personnel.  It is an abbreviation that in English translated to “Committee for in-depth studies”.

The COMETA Report is credited with being a high-level French UFO study organization with members ranging from high-ranking officers and official from the French armed-forces and aerospace industry.

The study was completed over several years at the Institute of Advanced Studies for National Defence.

According to Wikipedia:

The report concluded that about 5% of the UFO cases they studied were utterly inexplicable and the best hypothesis to explain them was the extraterrestrial hypothesis (ETH). The authors also accused the United States government of engaging in a massive cover-up of the evidence.

According to Dave Masko (, members of the United Nations scientific committee are said to be reviewing the COMETA report which includes proposals for the United Nations to set-up a UFO task force that will coordinate any direct contact with aliens.

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