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Monday April 25th 2011

Australian Man Films Live Alien – April 2011

2 Men Film Alien in Australia
An alien in the back yard of an Australian man
Two Australian men have had quick a remarkable experience on the 15th April 2011, In Australia.

For the past 8 months the young men have experienced spooky night visitations by what they describe as an extraterrestrial entity.

In one incident, Sighting #8, the alien is said to have picked up and dropped a clay pot. Pieces of this pot are freely available to anyone that would like to research in view of identifying alien finger prints or some kind of creepy residue from beyond our world!

The latest encounter is remarkable with an alien in the grasses holding what the men describe as a laser or flash-light of some kind. Shortly into the film the house looses power and the boys are frantic as they try to make sense of this paranormal encounter like no other I have seen!

The key individuals are known as Alex and Mark. He provided the following statement with the latest encounter:

My friend first spotted the alien while he was in the kitchen getting food, i then ran up and recorded this.
Had to record off my tv because i used the night vision camera which only records to mini disk and virtually impossible to get off.

The latest encounter (Warning Explicit Language – Listen at own risk):

At 2:00am in the morning, the men once again awake to strange noises so investigate with a camera in hand (Warning Explicit Language – Listen at own risk):

This case is truly strange! Stay tuned as we investigate further! The following presents a chronological ordering of the various encounters as filmed:

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2 Comments for “Australian Man Films Live Alien – April 2011”

  • machocorto says:

    I understand they’re young but,why are they so scared?Think that maybe it was the only chance they would have to meet an extraterrestrial I would try to make contact,because what could happen to you?more than be taken to a spaceship

  • Matt | UFO Briefcase says:

    I personally think these young men were very brave. To be confronted with the possibility of an alien encounter is a terrifying and exciting concept.

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