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Thursday March 24th 2011

UFO Sighting | Weather Radar Detects UFO Bigger than Belgium

Unusual formations have been appearing on government weather satellite imagery all over the world. Satellite Weather images over Europe have detected an enormous unidentified object that is larger than Belgium!

The key witness has recorded their observation in order to understand exactly what was seen.  The video was uploaded onto YouTube with the following statement:
“Can somebody tell my what the heck is going on ?”
Doughnut Formation larger than Belgium
Doughnut Formation larger than Belgium

In recent years a number of similar formations have occurred around the world.  The first time UFO Briefcase came across this type of phenomenon was the repeated incidents across Australia.

The most famous Australian incident resembles are large doughnut-like formation that was was positioned over the lower South-west Corner of Western Australia.

Doughnut UFO Formation - Perth
Doughnut UFO Formation - Perth

A similar appearance again happened on the 22nd January of 2010, however this time the ‘unknown object’ was positioned over the city of Melbourne.  This particular formation almost resembles a giant CD with binary information.

Doughnut UFO Victoria
Doughnut UFO over Victoria

Only one hour later and on the other side of the country, a new formation was observed that I consider to be the most unusual of all occurrences. Positioned over the North West shelf of Western Australia was a very solid looking formation which was again captured on weather satellite imagery.

North West WA Doughnut UFO Formation
North West WA Doughnut UFO Formation

The following video presents the 15th March 2011 incident over Europe:

29 Comments for “UFO Sighting | Weather Radar Detects UFO Bigger than Belgium”

  • Joe Monterrubio says:

    These types of weather RADAR anomilies are frequently associated with seismic activity. The mechanism behind them is poorly understood, but the correlation is reasonably strong.

    Ockham’s razor: Changes to flows of magma could -in addition to earthquakes- cause distortions in the earth’s magnetic field, interfering with EM radiation propagation thus creating spokes and rings on weather RADAR displays.

    Little bit more plausible than an actual flying object the size of Belgium?

  • george ormondy says:

    this is very special and needs extensive investigation I hope MUFON has investigators doing this.

  • Matt | UFO Briefcase says:

    Hi Joe. They are a combination of BOTH Satellite and Radar.The object ‘appears’ above Belgium and is an unknown phenomenon. At no point has UFO Briefcase provided definition for this case as a flying saucer from space. UFO = Unidentified Flying Object; It does not necessarily mean a space craft.

  • Matt | UFO Briefcase says:

    Hi George, I agree whole-heartedly

  • Chuck says:

    Not sure if this is even possible with the type of satellite you are using but the pattern looks like a jamming signal.

  • Norm G says:

    Space station personnel should have seen it, they have the technology, are they just sleeping and getting paid up there! Do they pay taxes in space???

  • Ndegwa says:

    Is it also a satellite anomaly that birds and fishes across the world and more in North America dying also a coincidence ?

  • Steve says:

    One possible idea perhaps is these types of weather radar anomalies are frequently associated with seismic activity. But the anomaly (if the you tube video can be trusted to depict accurately) seems to also switch on and off quickly (not the ebb & flow of a magnetic field) which makes me think much more it is a test of a radar jamming signal.

    These would be common from specialized military aircraft which stand back and jam enemy radars while the attack aircraft penetrate enemy airspace. The size & shape of the anomaly would appear consistent with that. Testing such a system and recording it’s effects upon a weather radar (not against a critical air control radar on different frequencies) might be the most benign way to test such a jamming system’s signal strength and propagation on an existing radar network.

    If jamming, this would reveal too a military capability in a test any military is not going to necessarily acknowledge to the public either. Since it might reveal an accurate measure of a radar system’s capabilities to any potential enemy also using the Internet.

    Not an answer, but my theory.

    Coming from a UFO website, naturally the video will be interpreted to be a enormous UFO. They probably see UFO’s in their soup too.

    Not by coincidence – the EF-111 Raven, an electronic countermeasures aircraft is used by the Royal Australian air force, as well for many years by the United States Air Force – which conceivably are also stationed in Europe with NATO. NATO headquarters is in Belgium, and the other anomaly occurred in Australia. Just one such aircraft could do this. Was a similar system being tested in South Africa too? The SAAF is sophisticated enough. The SAAF has been purchasing Fighters and systems from Sweden.

    Steve (better than Mufon)

  • stephen russell says:

    Could massive ring be composed of many UFO craft vs 1 big huge ring, IF so the ring should be Solid right.
    IE metal solid looking.
    Didnt radars from UK, Germany, Norway, France read this?
    This reads like ID4 movie,
    Or Battle LA out now??
    Or CETK, 1977 hit.
    Close Encounters 3rd Kind,

    Never told on US media even Fox.

  • CJ Hendrix says:

    We have seen these over and over again and everyone that knows anything knows this is HAARP. We see these before each disaster. It is identified as an aurora caused by HAARP. Show me a metal flying saucer and it would still be identified as an alien spacecraft. This is not a UFO.

  • Roy says:

    My opinion is that the Australian examples show concentric circles centered exactly over radars at Broome, Kalgoorlie and Melbourne. I believe they are artifacts of the radars themselves.

  • Donald says:

    there was talk,that man can survive gravity force of 100s of g force,if say instead of 3 secounds,this movement was moving a fraction of secound.these aerial fling vehiclesmight be experimenting ,with high earthly aircraft performing,these movement,let say,90 degree turnsin a fraction of a secound.keep investigating and good luck…

  • rebecca says:

    this is frequency disturbance.. it is still happening on a daily basis at the BoM site but they have done there best to cover it up look close up on Brisbane darwin perth and all other major citys and there surrounding towns zoom to 512klm you’ll see what I mean.. I have been documenting this activity all thru the cyclone yasi, qld floods and still now as they fill our sky’s with crap..

  • RAJ says:

    Perhaps about 5 months ago I would have dismissed this as simply ludicrous. However, since then, I have observed first hand quite a few anomalies in the sky. Much of which I’ve observed could be described as what is commonly ‘believed’ as UFO’s. But then, I observed phenomena that did not fit this description. It was then that I realised that the other stuff I’ve observed must surely be connected, possibly variations of the same phenomena.

    Quite bluntly, there’s something in the sky that seems more like an entity then a vessel containing entities. This is not imagination, this is real. What it is exactly, I don’t pretend to know, but what I do know, is that “we are not alone”. It is of my experience that it is not some type of sophisticated earthly technology. The simple act of observation played a role in what was being observed. Trust me, I know how messed up that sounds, but yet it is true. Somehow consciousness is involved.

    I am an absolute advocate against ‘beliefs’ and in no way am I trying to give anyone something to believe in. However, I strongly advise you to keep a door open to whatever may be. But for heaven’s sakes, any unfounded ‘beliefs’ that you may adopt would only contribute to a foundation of a new religion. It is quite clear; humanity has more then enough of that.

  • Matt | UFO Briefcase says:

    Hi CJ. UFO stands for Unidentify Flying Object and not alien space craft – a distinction must be made. These manifestations are unidentified, though largerly associated with HAARP theories.

  • Hannah says:

    There was another one of these “doghnuts” around Gladstone, Queensland a few weeks ago. Clearly visible on the Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology website radar…………… (

  • Donulvi Dolam says:

    Chuckle – :-)

    These types of weather formation occur when a foolish programer writes a code that involves only one type of screen resolution and then later on somebody goes around and makes changes.

    Changes which involve the number of pixels on the screen and thus throw the boolean formulas out of whack

    Nerds :-)

  • Paul Devo says:

    I had a look at the archive on the site and found the images from the 15th, I also found 4 images on the 16th the first being a half circle, and a faded circle on the 18th, I have uploaded them for you to see here:
    I would expect this to be a Glitch of some sort and have emailed Meteox for an explanation.
    The only other strange thing i found was between 17:15 and 21:00 on 18th March, this is a small blue circle that looks like a circle of rainfall? in the same general area, this can be seen here:
    If we cannot get a satisfactory answer from Meteox, i will check for what is in that area or if there has been any EQ activity there.

  • Frans says:

    I,am from Netherlands region nord east,I saw somting like a Orb in the sky on sunday, for me it was a smal bright spot low in the sky, for me it moves fast en then it go down.
    This for me takes 5 to 10 minuts, this sigting was also at the donut direction. sorry no foto, for me the first time.

  • dave says:

    This is from HARRP, creating a hot spot…

  • Charles says:

    I see lots of questions. I see opinions. Where are the considered opinions by the people who are responsible for these radars about these phenomena? Are they afraid to say that they don’t know? In any event, NOT coming clean with what you know about things, be they UFOs, HAARP, nuclear radiation from Japan, the current bombing of Libya, or WHATEVER, it is a DISSERVICE to populations of people who will be affected by coming Earth changes.

    In ANY situation where Ego becomes more important than Public Safety, at the very least it can be considered a wrongdoing, if not an out and out Crime Against Humanity. God bless.

  • mat says:

    HAARP. wonder if they know that we are watching now where they point that thing. These major earthquakes and tsunamis arent natural.

  • Paul Devo says:

    I have had a reply from MeteoX.

    it’s caused by the melting snow into raindrops that occurs at altitude of
    the radarbeams. Also called a “melting-circle” .

    I have had a quick search on google and can’t find anything to prove or disprove these claims! Im actually quite puzzled by the answer and am trying to find out more. What do you guy’s think of this answer from MeteoX???

  • vigrx says:

    thank you for this.. by the way, your website layout is wonderful.

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