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Thursday March 24th 2011

Jerusalem UFO | Amazing 6th UFO Video Emerges

Jerusalem UFO Evidence
Jerusalem UFO Evidence
At long last, the video footage we have all be praying for has emerged in the famous 2011 Jerusalem UFO incident.

Key Witness, Eligael Gedalyovich began investigating the incident trying to locate further witnesses to verify his sighting.

During these investigations he was approached by a stranger who advised his flatmate had seen something outside his apartment window and was scared to talk about it. Eligael supplied a contact phone number and only 3 hours ago Eligael has released video footage of the UFO up close.

Should the video prove to be authentic, we would then have undeniable evidence and confirmation that ‘We are not alone in this universe‘.

Eligael Released the following statement:

“This is a 3 seconds video of the Jerusalem ufo , filmed from the Western wall area. The original video is around 2 min long, Amazing footage!!! I can’t give any further details about this video. I wish that soon I’ll have the whole video that will blow our minds.”

The video footage that will also become viral:

17 Comments for “Jerusalem UFO | Amazing 6th UFO Video Emerges”

  • George says:

    Or maybe the new Iran, surveillance ufo they claimed to have built!

  • George says:

    Although the original video does show a much larger noiseless ship with red lights shining in the sky! By the way, if the Iranians did not build a ufo craft as reported, that is pretty smart on their behalf! All the reports in the middle east will now put in the minds of the military folks of the other countries a sense of paranoia!

  • KB says:

    Nah…have you heard of holographic weaponry? Its available in smog filled atmospheres, or where chem-trails have been previously dispersed.

  • William Billich says:

    The first four videos (the one with the American voices is clearly a hoax) are intriguing to say the least. The fact that they all show the same event, with the same timing from different angles and distances is extremely fascinating. I was looking for a reason to doubt the videos as well, and one interesting perspective pointed out the “image mirroring” at the side of the camera which points to fact that at least one of the videos was edited. This, however, may be rebuted since many cameras have this built in function in order to digitally stablize an image. I believe anyone who concludes either way is being premature. All of this info is secondary info and EVERYONE has a bias, whether they admit it or not (this includes me). I think it makes the most sense to just observe these things as it happens and never conclude nor believe anything, simply watch the data. Unquestionably “ufo activity” has been on the rise. To say they all fit withing conventional explanations to me is really pushing it. Be it experimental aircraft, our galactic neighbors, or projection of the collective unconsciousness, clearly there is something going on. I would not rely on the media to report things of this nature. They classically screw everything up, why would this be any differet?

  • Israeli journalist says:

    We checked it out in several video labs including at our tv studio with the biggest experts, some of them served in the israeli army special intelligence video analysis devision, the results suggested this incident could be a fake.

  • Matt | UFO Briefcase says:

    Hi Israeli Journalist, Thanks for your insight. Our position at UFO Briefcase is that for an incident to be ‘classified as a hoax’ there must be evidence to support such a conclusion. A lack of evidence to support a genuine sighting, does not on its own merit deem an incident to be a hoax. Further research is required.

  • BluntedKid says:

    This vid like the 5 before it are, in my opinion, all CGI fakes. This entire sighting is a hoax created by a sole witness. You say there has to be proof… well in order for it to be confirmed even a sighting there has to be proof.. and to date there is none! Only viral videos which substantiate that this is clearly a hoax. The truth is out there but I do not think the JERUSALEM UFO is it.

  • Matt | UFO Briefcase says:

    @BluntedKid UFO Briefcase does not state that the Jerusalem UFO incident is real, nor do we state that it is a hoax. Any conclusions formulated by anyone would be premature. Further assessment and research is required.

  • Bill says:

    The UFO with lights is moving but the light that it shines on the ground doesn’t appear to change. No shadows, no bright spots, the ground is a still image not video, only the UFO moves. This is a CGI fake Or it’s real… And we’re doomed.

  • ideserevehell4mysin says:

    I believe this is real,Jerusalem is the most holiest place on earth and the temple mount is where the first and second Jewish temple’s were and where the third Jewish temple will be built in which the Antichrist will sit proclaiming himself to be GOD,2 Thess chapter 2.

  • sergio says:

    Of course we are not alone! UFOs and aliens have been visiting earth all the time since millions of years ago. We are a stupid race that says ‘we are alone!!!’ how stupid!!!

  • Matt | UFO Briefcase says:

    @Bill Take another look at the video and pay particular attention to the light on top of the Dome and also to the left of the dome. This is not a static image as you can see the shadow move across the dome, and can see blinking lights of to the left.

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