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Friday March 18th 2011

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UFO Activity After the Japanese Earthquake

UFOs spotted After Japanese Earthquake
UFOs spotted After Japanese Earthquake
Only one day after the 8.8 Magnitude earthquake that devastated Japan, many locals began reporting unusual activity in their skies.

Unidentified flying objects were filmed during live news broadcasts by leading media organizations from all around the world. From scenes when the tsunami approach the highway, to earlier footage when the wave washes away a small farm. There are objects moving rapidly and darting from location to location.

Many of these already reported observations can be explained and identified. Our observation has identified that the farm scene with the white object darting, was in fact a rabbit.

There is however even more footage that cannot be explained. Of those the following is the most remarkable to date, which shows the UFO splitting into several smaller UFOs.

The witness released the following statement with the video:

watch the ufo shot rocket in the sky

The Video Footage:

This is not the only video footage to have surfaced. The following clip was taken only 2 hours before the Earthquake event rocked Japan. This second witness included the following statement:

UFO filmed 2 hours before Earthquake on March 11th 2011 above Kyoto, Japan

UFOs filmed in Japan in 2005

6 Comments for “UFO Activity After the Japanese Earthquake”

  • dave struthers says:

    This video was NOT recorded after the Japan earthquake. It is at least six months old.

  • keith hibdige says:

    Why is this not getting more EXPOSURE !

  • Pauline Dimmick-Vaes says:

    These are deffinatley our SpaceBrothers and they are here to help! They mop up a great deal of the nuclear radiation in the atmosphere.Without there help we would destroy the earth!

  • clara says:

    Anybody ever stop to think that these “friends” might just be behind these events? Take a look at what L A Marzulli has to say about UFO phenomena and the paranormal. Don’t be fooled into thinking that these things are our friends. Maybe they are (that would be nice). But mabe they’re not. IF they are so benevolent and powerful, why couldn’t they communicate a little more clearly than this?

    They certainly do like to put on a show and be admired!

  • Anna says:

    No Clara, WE are the childish, ignorant ones who are harmful to each other, to our environment, to ourselves (and so who think the others are always trying to hurt us, sometimes as true effect of our own mutual actions, sometimes as the result of our own fears) . They are mature and wise (and out of these tangled human conditions: they are freed divine-human beings as we will be) and they act as such. They have been helping us and trying to create a closer, pure, friend relationship with us for a long time, the rest it is up to us, to our maturity, to our readiness, to our free will which they respect.

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