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Thursday March 17th 2011

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Alien Encounter | Dr Jonathan Reed

Dr Jonanthan Reed's Alien Corpse
The Alien Injured by Dr Reed.
Today we revisit the case of Dr. Jonathan Reed who claimed, that while hiking in 1996 with his dog came across an unusual alien being in the forest with a hovering craft that Reed refers too as the Obelisk.

Reed claims that his dog Suzy was killed by the Alien, and then the alien was knocked out by Dr Reed who then bought the alien back into his private home and filmed the event.

Dr Reed is on record stating that he wanted to document this event in a bid to regain his sanity. He needed to prove that what he experienced was real and needed the footage to digest and understand what had just happened.

When the alien was taken back to his home, Dr Reed was shocked to find the alien still alive and in the footage can be seen blinking its eyes.

Many claims have been made to suggest this event is a hoax, however no such claims have yet been successful.

Dr Reed assessing the Injured alien in his home:

New claims have emerged that Dr Reed is now involved with both Russia and China as a direct result of his contact with Extraterrestrial beings.

It is claimed that Reed predicted the Japanese Earthquake 2 weeks ago and that he now works with 3 foreign governments to predict upcoming events.

Reed released a dire warning on the 12th of March 2011, declaring that citizens EVERYWHERE must start storing clean water as there is another significant event to take place.

3 Comments for “Alien Encounter | Dr Jonathan Reed”

  • disinfofilter says:

    DR. REED ADMITTED HOAXING THIS. ASK ART BELL and try to do some research next time.

  • Matt | UFO Briefcase says:

    At no stage does UFO Briefcase confirm the authenticity of this particular incident. Our research has not confirmed, nor denied this incident. We also have not yet come across any rock solid evidence that confirms it as a hoax. You are entitled to your opinion based on your own research, however UFO Briefcase reserves the right to address this case and present the claims of Dr Reed. If you have evidence that confirms this incident as a hoax, you are encouraged to email to UFO Briefcase and we would be happy to take it into consideration.

  • DISINFO says:



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