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Thursday April 7th 2011

First Contact | Have Aliens responded to NASA transmission? Experts say YES

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In 1974,  NASA Scientists transmit a deep space transmission in a unique binary format with the hope of establishing contact with intelligent beings from another star system.

The intricate message featured information on decimal figures (Maths is the only true universal language), Details on the dominant element on earth (Carbon),our DNA structure, Our average height, Earth’s population, The fact we live on the 3rd Planet from our sun; and Details concerning the radio telescope from which the message was broadcast

Initially the exercise was met with criticism from many fields of science and media; however in 2001 something very unusual took place that resulted in headline coverage all around the world.

Just outside the Chilbolton village in Hampshire England, is a research facility that is appropriately named the Chilbolton Observatory.  In 2001 in the fields surrounding the observatory was an unusual formation in the grass fields.  Initially it looked like tumbled weeds with no apparent design, however when viewed from the air, the secrets of the formations were revealed.

Face formation in 2001 crop circle formation
Face formation in 2001 crop circle formation

Many researchers feel that this crop circle formation is a direct response to the binary signal NASA transmitted in 1947. The larger of the 2 formations was a square image that from a helicopter formed a clearly defined face with eyes, nose, and mouth.  The second formation was far more cryptic yet mirrored the design of the 1974 transmission complete with binary information.

Scientists have translated the binary information which, like our own message, provided key information on this apparent alien civilization:

  • Maths as predicted, remained universal
  • Their predominant element is silicon, compared to our carbon
  • Their head is larger than our own
  • Their height is only 4 feet
  • Their population is 21.3 Billion inhabitants
  • They have established their civilization on the 3rd, 4th and 5th Planets within their solar system.
  • The final details on the diagram is complex, and is the are where humanity presented information on our own radio telescope systems.
Complex Binary code within 2001 Crop Circle
Complex Binary code within 2001 Crop Circle

This was not the first crop circle outside the Chilbolton township.  A year prior, a more complex formation appeared that is later recognized as being identical to that final complex diagram found within the binary broadcast.

Did extraterrestrial beings respond to our initial transmission?

In 2002, a 3rd formation appeared within the same region that showed the face of a different alien species and what can only be described as a CD like formation that is rich with binary messages.  Translation of this intergalactic CD revealed quite an unusual message:

“Beware the bearers of false
gifts and their broken promises.
Much pain but still time;
There is good out there.
We opose deception.”

This second face resembled the more commonly recognized alien face with the pointy head and large dark eyes.

The psychology of the message would suggest that this distant species has studied our society and seem to understand the pains of humanity.  ’The bearers of false gifts and broken promises” would surely be referring to our politicians and world leaders!

The following YouTube presentation covers this story:

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