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Sunday April 10th 2011

Condon Report | Official US Government Report on UFOs

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In 1966, the United States Air Force requested the University of Colorado to commence a study of unidentified flying objects (UFO’s).  The Air Force funded study was informally named ‘The Condon Commitee’ and was directed by the Universities Professor of Physics, Mr Edward Condon.

Condon was a leading Nuclear Physicist who participated in the development of radar and nuclear weapons during World War Two.  The Professor played a pioneering role in the field of Quantum Mechanics, and in 1943 joined the ‘Manhattan Project’ – a secret project to develop the first atomic bomb.

Interestingly,  Condon had prior involvement with an Air Force UFO study known as Project Blue Book.  This earlier study was commissioned in 1952 to determine 1) if UFO’s were a threat to National Security; and 2) Scientifically analyze UFO related data.  Over the life of the project, thousands of UFO reports were collected, analyzed and filed.

The Condon Committee was commissioned to examine many hundreds of reports from Project Blue Book, but also from civilian UFO groups NICAP and APRO.  The purpose of the study is to determine whether “analysis of new sightings may provide some additions to scientific knowledge of value to the Air Force” and “to learn from UFO reports anything that could be considered as adding to scientific knowledge“.

The study was published in 1968 titled ‘Scientific study of Unidentified Flying Objects‘; however is widely referred to today as ‘The Condon Report’.

Of particular interest we came across reported sightings made by Gemini 4 astronaut McDivitt and Gemini 7 astronaut Borman.  The report concluded that the 3 incidents filed by the 2 astronauts “have not been adequately explained” (Condon Report Page 306).

  1. Gemini 4 mission, astronaut McDivitt:  observation of a cyclindrical object with a protuberance
  2. Gemini 4 mission, astronaut McDivitt:  observation of a moving bright light at a higher level than the Gemini spacecraft
  3. Gemini 7 mission, astronaut Borman:  observation of what he referred to as a “bogey” flying in formation with the spacecraft.

While the report does not conclusively refer to the objects as Alien vehicles, the transcript from the Gemini 7 mission raises the need for further investigation:

  • Spacecraft: Gemini 7 here, Houston how do you read?
  • Capcom: Loud and clear. 7, go ahead.
  • Spacecraft: Bogey at 10 o’clock high.
  • Capcom: This is Houston. Say again 7.
  • Spacecraft: Said we have a bogey at 10 o’clock high.
  • Capcom: Roger. Gemini 7., is that the booster or is that an actual sighting’?
  • Spacecraft: We have several, looks like debris up here. Actual sighting.
  • Capcom: You have any more information? Estimate distance or size?
  • Spacecraft: We also have the booster in sight.
  • Capcom: Understand you also have the booster in sight, Roger.
  • Spacecraft: Yea, we have a very, very many — look like hundreds of little particles banked on the left out about 3 to 7 miles.
  • Capcom: Understand you have many small particles going by on the left. At what distance?
  • Spacecraft: Oh about — it looks like a path of the vehicle at 90 degrees.
  • Capcom: Roger, understand that they are about 3 to 4 miles away.
  • Spacecraft: They are passed now they are in polar orbit.
  • Capcom: Roger, understand they were about 3 or 4 miles away.
  • Spacecraft: That’s what it appeared like. That’s roger.
  • Capcom: Were these particles in addition to the booster and the bogey at 10 o’clock high?
  • Spacecraft: Roger — Spacecraft (Lovell) I have the booster on my side, it’s a brilliant body in the sun, against a black background with trillions of particles on it.
  • Capcom: Roger. What direction is it from you?
  • Spacecraft: It’s about at my 2 o’clock position. (Lovell)
  • Capcom: Does that mean that it’s ahead of you?
  • Spacecraft: It’s ahead of us at 2 o’clock, slowly tumbling.

The complete Condon report is available online at

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