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Sunday April 10th 2011

WikiLeaks | Proof of Extraterrestrial Contact

Picture of Julian Assange during a talk at 26C3
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Founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange claims to have highly secretive documents concerning US contact with Extraterrestrials. ┬áIt is claimed the documents clearly refer to UFO’s and the possible existence of extraterrestrial beings.

Many believe these documents will prove that the government has been aware of these visitors for more than 60 years.

Some even boldly suggest that area 51 is the ground base component of a much larger off-world facility used to interact with the aliens.

Certainly the claims are sensational, yet the world continues to eagerly await the release.

An apposing view is that many will be left disappointed when the report reveals very little other than reference to unidentified objects flying above our cities.

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5 Comments for “WikiLeaks | Proof of Extraterrestrial Contact”

  • janeyquiel says:

    I agree with your assumption.

  • mongo says:

    I expect most observers will be shocked to discover that the documents in question go far beyond proof of the mere knowledge of the ETs and establish actual joint operations with them, or certain factions of them, and of the broader conflicts unfolding in the cosmos. Think epic proportions.

  • Sam says:

    This is not glee.

    You open this bag, there is no going back.

    Protocal for off world structures remains in effect as long as the population at large does not know. things change, gradual transition to type I becomes irrelevant. We become part of another civilization. Why? People will want to, the ones that do not will have to move to another society. It’s called the breakpoint effect. Usually its best for natural evolution to take hold. But if released prematurely due to the tech at 51 we mo longer have sovereign control of planet earth…

    As I said, this is not glee.

  • Sam says:

    You see we live in their space…and when we become type one we merge with them as all societies have predictable evolutions. If the general population knows this, then we are subject to their jurisdiction by the charter of the federation of underdeveloped planets, of which we are part of, because as citizens of their federation, they cannot deny us choice. This means many people on earth will opt for their society while others will want to remain sovereign. If most don’t know we can evolve toward type I with self determination, only to join them afterwards. The end result is the same, the question is whether you basically want to make human society obsolete in a day. Enhancements make out society obsolete, there are better set ups through machines and genetic engineering….also some religious truths…. It would be kind of shocking for humanity. The shadow agency ensures humanities gradual passage. It really comes down to that. Many in the agency are actually in favor of this happening because it would propel us millions of years. But that’s the dilemma.

  • Sam says:

    If predictions pan out we will experience a smooth transition if we were to have any choice. In 2040, the date most of the originators of the agency set for disclosure. However, this may come prematurely where it would not be as smooth. We would reach type I by 2060 based on old predictions and then humanity would be ….the aliens after that (oh yes, you see, they extract…the best of all races and you will be redesigned…)

    Now, the originators were from the 50s. Brilliant scientists but very conservative. If you really think this is the best for mankind at this current moment. Go ahead. Chaos could potentially ensue, you see, we don’t have a global culture yet. Unrest is par Forrest the course.

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